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    Self-storage owner Wilbur James Whalen Jr., 66, was arrested last week and charged with maintaining a drug-related common nuisance and disorderly house at Whalen Mini-Storage. Police claim Whalen is letting people live in the units in exchange for cash. Police were called to the property 26 times in a six-week period for instances of drug possession and overdose, fighting, theft, and a stabbing.
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage


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    With his just not caring what the police were saying as they made several visits for multiple crimes and his possession of drugs, I can bet you he will not be around when it comes time to appear in court after posting that bond. He is a fine example of the blight on America that is caused by drugs and homeless and entitlement.

    He is the owner of the facility. He will do with it as he wishes. He does not care about the other tenants. He does not care about the other people in the neighborhood. He doesn't even care about the homeless that lived there and caused trouble there. He does not care who he sells drugs to or what drugs he puts in his body or any problems that come from the drugs. HE JUST DOES NOT CARE WHAT YOU OR I OR ANYONE ELSE THINKS OR SAYS ABOUT THE PROBLEMS HE CAUSES OR WHO HE HURTS OR EFFECTS!!!!!!

    Did any facility owner or manager or employee see things like this 15-20 years ago. I would bet money.....NO!
    "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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      Yikes-but the San Diego millionaire Conrad Prebys owned a facility 2 blocks away from us that was homeless central. Filled with homeless, a tent city on it's sidewalks every single night. I was supposed to mystery shop there one time and I couldn't even get into the parking lot because of the sleeping bags. So it's by no means rare.
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