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  • Drumming in the unit

    I have had a potential customer reach out to see if he could rent one of our units with the purpose of practicing playing the drums in the unit. His wife doesnít want him playing them in the house.

    On face value, I donít see any significant issue with renting him a unit beyond a slight nuisance for any customers who are here when he is practicing. But I wanted to check with others in case you see an issue that hasnít crossed my mind.

    Would you rent to him?

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    First: Welcome to the forum.

    Second: that banging noise will get old real quick. It will drive away tenants. He will have people show up to watch and/or play their instruments and you will be very sorry you ever even thought of doing this. Those people will leave trash and drink and food and drugs around. If you do this I look forward to your response back at a later date when you say, "I wish I would have listened to you".

    Why else do you think his wife doesn't want it in the house. Drums=Noise that drives you nuts.
    "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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      We had a few bands and drummers rent storage unit years ago and only one young band was a nuisance and had a concert here one Saturday night. When we came back from dinner we couldn't even drive into the facility it was all parked up. Underage drinking & smoking were going on and that was the end of them.

      The problem with the others we found was other customers wondered why they couldn't hang out in their storage unit. Even though the drummer is drumming it could also be considered loitering. There are storage facilities that allow band practices and some that don't. We don't allow them anymore.

      We didn't mind the bands, we actually enjoyed listening to them but we are also near a residential area and that became a problem if they practiced after 9pm. Some places have really good luck with bands and some don't. Let us know what you decide.
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        I wouldn't do it. The less time my tenants spend here, the happier I am. If you allow it for him, you'll have to allow it for everybody. The guy who's unit is a "temporary" office til he finds something "affordable", the lady who makes jewelry to sell online, the small-engine repair get it. (I had a tenant who worked out of his car because I said no to using his AC unit as an office, a guy who wanted to store his RV here, and use it as an office, and a lady who wanted to set up her unit for making jewelry because she had an online business. I've said no to it lease says "dead storage" for a reason)
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          I had a property that allowed bands to practice. They were some of our best tenants because they didn't want to lose the privilege! I kept them spread out to different buildings so they didn't interfere with one another, and I popped in regularly to compliment them...just so they knew I was watching! At one time, I had 6 different bands renting.

          You have to do what's right for you and your own property. Each is different. What works for one doesn't work for another.


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            We once had a band ask us, when I managed in San Diego. I knew, since our location was such, that we'd get complaints so I looked around and gave them a couple of numbers for space that might allow them to do what they wanted. It depends on your facility.
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              No way, I don't think that's the kind of place for drumming, as there are specific soundproof studios across the city that would be perfect for that. It could be a fun story if he turns out to be the next Ed Sheeren or something


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                Back in the early 80's the first real band I was in had our practice space in a storage unit. It was actually an old auto dealership that they converted the service bays into storage units. No houses anywhere around but a very convenient quick-mart right beside us. Our drummer did go on to eventually being in another band that had a couple of hit records and opened for various bands such as Aerosmith and ZZ Top.


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                  We had a bad experience with renting to a band for practice. We are not in a residential area so noise was not a problem. It was a 4 member band but the contract was signed by the leader. The rent was paid on time for awhile but as time went on the other 3 band members were not coming up with their share to give to the leader. I finally said that they needed to move out. There was money owing and Daddy had to step in and pay. The worst was a few months later, we were painting and coating our roofs. Well there was quite a mess with broken beer bottles on the roof. I guess to get rid of the evidence they just threw the bottles up there.

                  I had the leader's number in my contact list and a few years later this nice young man called inquiring about renting space. I knew full well who it was and had fun leading him on about what he was planning to store etc etc. I finally said "Hey is this Bobby? I thought I recognized your voice." Stammering at the other end and then a click.


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                    If he plays well, why not?


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                      If your lease states anything about the unit is to only be used for storage purposes, then I think you've answered your own question or need to change your lease


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                        I had a friend who rented/lived in a unit down in Albq. The facility was created with old railroad boxcars and apparently the owners did not mind as long as rent was paid. My buddy made custom high end knives and there were a couple of bands throughout the yard.

                        I wouldnt let that happen here but I thought that example was very unusual, I dont know if they are still in business


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