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How often do businesses use storage spaces?

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  • How often do businesses use storage spaces?

    I hear about the Average Joe using storage spaces for furniture or whatever it might, but how often are businesses using it for extra inventory, etc? Want to know if it's an economically viable solution. A few business associates of mine in NYC are finding space at a premium there :/

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    I would have to say that likely a full 5% of my tenants are the businesses that store records and inventory and basically spill over from a brick and mortar because it cuts down on employee theft, taxes, insurance and the need for more room at the brick and mortar. Square footage at a storage facility is way less than square footage at a typical business building.
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      Ah interesting. So it doesn't end up costing more than it's worth? I didn't know employee theft was such an issue either


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        We're 12% businesses here. Which, after I ran the report, I was pleasantly surprised it was so high. Self Storage is cheaper than brick and mortar rent. You save on storage and if it's close by you can pop in and get what you need.
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          We have very few business rentals, but they do have a large sq footage occupancy. They tend to have our larger units compared to avg. customer.
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