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    What would you say is the one thing that makes your facility stand out from others in your market?
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage


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    By far the highest security and the upscale neighborhood we are in. Of course, there is me.
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      With 1400 units and 37 different sizes we can help you with the perfect size.


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        32 yrs., not a single burglary. Can't say that for any other facility within 5 miles of me. The reason I know is that I have numerous tenants from every one of those other facilities that moved here AFTER they had a bunch of their stuff stolen.

        The problem is when I'm on the phone with people I can only tell them our history and security measures and warn them about how the break-ins happen at other facilities. Most callers are shopping price or "specials" and have no idea that there's a good chance their stuff will be stolen elsewhere.... buy hey, at least they only paid $1 on move in.
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          As has been said, quality, security, great management, oh, and we are really the only serious facility in the are. None of the big boys, as the market here is very small. Oh, we sell boxes and are the only Uhaul idiots within 20 minutes on twisty mountain roads.
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            We dont have one thing in particular. I have shopped my CC competitors and found that we do stand out in a few areas: We have a great staff, and a high standard for customer service and for keeping up the curb appeal and interior. Climate controlled units that don't cost an arm and a leg help us stand out. to online shoppers. We only have 2 competitors in a 10 mile radius that offers such a wide range of sizes for CC- and I can list several things wrong with their facilities from having to reserve an elevator-or if you forgot/ or if someone else disregards the time frame- your SOL and carrying your stuff up 3 flights of stairs to having limited access hours and one of them even has a water pipe running through every unit, with a spigot. I would hate to accidentally bump one of those- or have something fall over and hit that pipe. There's also the extended hours we offer, and additional business amenities like free faxing and scanning services and 24 hour access for businesses only. Our security and camera systems is comparable to others. I like that we are off the beaten path- kind of an "out of sight out of mind" thing for would be criminals.
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              I know I am politically incorrect but how about a minefield, I detest thieves. The cable thing would be your best bet my bosses other business was broken in and they now have it, seems to have stopped the stealing.
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              "Even the biggest self-storage companies are broken into."

              Not here, in 23 years. Especially in the last 5.5 years the security is tighter and tighter. I don't just live here and work in an office. This whole facility is my home and so far, due diligence has remained at the fore...
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