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Kids and chalk drawing on the pavement

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  • Kids and chalk drawing on the pavement

    I'm curious, how do you guys deal with tenants letting their kids draw on the pavement in front of the storage unit?

    I just had a tenant leave our storage site. I happened to be driving by and saw that the blacktop in front of their unit had pretty large kid chalk drawings.

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    I have seen one other thread here before about this. IMO, as long as it doesn't offend and they left no mess, I would let it go but I would call the tenant and let them know you saw it and as long as no mess or offense it is k with you. That also lets them know you are paying attention.
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      Well, does this offend you?

      and this?

      I wonder if they would let them do this to their house?


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        I would not want that. If the pic was posted with the original post I would have said so. This is way too much and other tenants will likely complain. You gotta do what you gotta do.
        "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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          Yeah, I know. When I saw it from the camera it looked way smaller. It also looked like chalk, which this one isn't if you see it up close.

          It just amazes me that parents can stand there and watch their kidos make this kinda mess without saying or doing anything. That's the new world we live in.


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            Looks like someone is getting a cleaning bill. What did they use? Would I be correct to assume this isn't the only issue from this tenant?
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              Also think about the fact that children were in the middle of aisles, away from parents doing this. One careless person coming down an aisle and rut roh..... We point out to all our renters any children or pets need to be kept in vehicles or with you at all times for safety.

              Your pictures gave me flashbacks of the nashville facility I was at.. same color doors and stairstepped down the hill like that.. hated those drop off sections.


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                Originally posted by Merman View Post
                Looks like someone is getting a cleaning bill. What did they use? Would I be correct to assume this isn't the only issue from this tenant?
                I don't know. It makes me so mad every time I go out. I'll have to leave this till Monday. It's almost the end of the day now. Don't wanna ruin the rest of my weekend with this.

                The tenant has been renting from us since July 2017. There weren't any major issues with that account (as far as I can see.) Aside from them having been late for 11 times (interestingly enough, 3 of the late fees appear to have been waived -- not by me. I'm guessing it's one of those customers that likes to call and complain about paying late fees.)


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                  That looks like kids chalk paint. It will be gone when it rains if its the same stuff my kids play with.

                  I wouldn't really care about if it was my facility.


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                    It still depends on what they were trying to draw and if it is chalk or paint. Don't want the paint. The amount is way more than I envisioned. get them to stop or be out of there. PERIOD!
                    "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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                      I would gently suggest to the parents that while you appreciate the kids creativity you'd prefer they color in the unit ON PAPER, not your walls or in their vehicle and stay out of the driveways for their safety's sake. See, you're being the good person and looking out for their kids. Plus, you don't want to encourage the older people out there that would take it to the next level and think graffiti is okay with you.
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                        I would talk to the parents and let them know while you understand kids like to play. That the drive isles are not a good place to play as vehicles come and go often. And even though the kids are budding artist we want to keep the facility nice and clean.


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                          While its a nice way for kids to express their creativity and keep them out of their parents hair for a little while, it is an eyesore. Yeah, it comes off easily but how long do you have to wait for the rain? And I don't know about you, But my maintenance guy has enough work to keep him busy without adding to it. I would say call the parents in to the office, show them the pictures, also play some footage of speeders racing through the facility, let them know you are concerned for the children's safety, and you are also charged with keeping the property looking uniform because it is a professional space, not a private residence. They can offer to clean it up or you can charge them to do it, their choice. There should also be a clause in your lease that talks about altering the appearance of the property- use this reason if if they don't respond to the gentle nudging approach.
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                            Second thoughts, you are a storage facility and not a drawing board for kid creativity. A one time thing that can be handled easily is their one and only mulligan. After that they need to know your thoughts and what will happen if it continues. I wonder if their whole street and driveway at home is covered? Need a professional looking facility and safe place with cars around.
                            "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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