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Changing locks/ facility under contract

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  • Changing locks/ facility under contract

    Hello Community,

    we currently have our second facility under contract. This facility has numerous 3 foot man doors which currently have key lock deadbolts. My system is to put in an electric gate linked to my software so I can lock people out of the whole facility which currently is not completely fenced. Meeting people to give them keys and the whole key exchange just doesn’t work for my system .

    my goal is to convert these man doors to paddle lock style locks.

    I am wondering if anyone has ever seen a 2-3/4 boar paddle lockable deadbolt style lock?

    Can anyone help me with what companies have the biggest selection of Door hardware?

    I'm not sure if this paddle lockable deadbolt even exist so I might have to get creative with another application.


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    Have you looked at They have several locks/hasp type things and one of them may be what you're looking for under slidebolt latches and accessories or flat door latches.
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      Welcome to the forum. I am one of the "Hell" community. LOL!
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        Welcome to the forum!
        I too am from the Hell Community!

        pacnwstorage I had to do a triple take! I was like, what is Pac talking about? and then I saw it!
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          I fixed the typo. (For those who missed it, the o was missing on hello.)
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            I've never heard of paddle lockable deadbolts before. But if you are adding electronic gates that are controlled by software and these doors are used by tenants to enter the facility, then it would make sense to install a proximity fob based system.


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