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Strained relationship with neighboring business

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  • Strained relationship with neighboring business

    Hello All,

    I manage a storage facility that is on the bottom floor of a commercial building built back in the early 90's. When the building was erected, they did not put in things like floor drains or moisture barriers to keep water from running downstairs every once in a while during a rainstorm or if one of the upstairs tenants has refrigeration units or an overflowing toilet or sink, etc... the water finds the easiest path down, which is usually not through the pipes ( ironically because there are hundreds of pipes), but through their floor, which is our ceiling.( See pics) I have reached out several times to one of the businesses above me, asking them to come look at the leak to determine where its coming from in their store. Their manager, I will call him "Captn. John" has come down 2x, other times he has sent someone else down in his stead. And they never come down right away. Usually by the time they get there the leaking has stopped. When I show him where it leaked from,The answers I get from him or: Yep, that's part of our store, nope we don't have a leak, and there isnt anything in our store in this area that would leak soooo......sorry I cant help you, your ceiling your problem good luck with that..... OK, those answers are not cutting it. for me. So, I reached out to the property management company who keeps up the building. They responded with "we notified the corporate office of that store of the strained relationship between you and that store manager, and we will send someone out soon to fix the leak." ( by the way, they have only sent a repairman out 1 time in 2 years, and he was so old he had 2 hearing aids and couldnt walk from his car to the building without a cane, let alone climb a ladder to fix anything!) I'm so mad right now. Now that manager is going to be pissed at me for complaining and the wording I used in my complaint was meant for the property management company, but they copy and pasted it for everyone to read. So, lesson learned there- but my main goal is just to get the darn leak fixed and everyone is pointing fingers saying we will call them its their responsibility...... My maintenance guy can reach the leak, but we cant seal it off until water stops coming out. My question is: I need to fix this relationship with that store manager. because there will be future leaks- I understand he doesn't know what to do to fix the issue, but he is so defensive, I can hear his eyes roll whenever I try to talk to him about it. To top it off we are very different personalities- his is loud, and confrontational and he takes a very defensive stance physically. Mine is pretty laid back but I don't appreciate being talked down to like I'm wasting his time.Ideas? Im treading water here because normally I dont like to kiss anyones ass, but I can see where having him in my corner would be beneficial for future repairs.
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    I would contact the building owner and create a plan to deal with this.


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      Originally posted by ams View Post
      I would contact the building owner and create a plan to deal with this.
      You know- I stressed about all that for no reason. I did everything I was supposed to do, and in the end, it all worked itself out. Apparently their corporate office called and reamed Captain John a new one. Not only did I get an apology and they fixed the leak within 48 hours- but they have a new gal filling for him while he is on some sort of probation for failing to acknowledge a serious complaint the resulted in structural issues and a few of our tenants have filed insurance claims for damages as a result. Im sure those insurance companies will be interested to learn it could have been avoided and was negligent on that store managers behalf. So, Im happy now- I have no leak, tenants are all squared away, and I don't have to deal with Captain John anymore! YAY me! Im glad this was resolved before I leave for vacation next week.
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