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Husband and wife elder abuse

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  • Husband and wife elder abuse

    The couple came in at 5 pm. The husband had called earlier and I talked them in to coming to see what I have available. From the very beginning the wife was very short and snippy with the husband during the golf cart ride to see units. They needed a 10x10. I only had 2 5x10 units next to each other. I got grief from her for not having a 10x10. I almost pulled the trigger right then and shut down the unit lease. I didn't, YET! Back at the office we started the lease process. She again was snippy with the husband while I was prepping the lease paperwork to start the process. I looked at her and asked her if she was having a bad day. She said she was and me not having a 10x10 made it worse. I then started to stack the paperwork and told her that the next facility may have a 10x10 because I was no longer renting them a unit. He apologized and then she hauled off and slugged the guy in the chest and told him not to apologize. I told her to leave the office and he just had this look that meant he was stuck with her. They were both in their mid 70's. Dodged a bullet for sure.
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    what a jerk! I feel bad for her hubby!


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      He shows signs of debilitation. He walks stooped over and shuffles his feet to walk. Talked to him on the phone and was very alert. In person he seemed a little slower but maybe not. I think she abuses him regularly. The nasty talk and then the slug in the chest. It was just crazy when I saw it happen. The way he took it made it look like it wasn't the first time.
      "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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        It was probably much worse after they left you. Poor guy.
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          After what I saw her do, if I would have seen bruise marks on him I would have called one of my 2 police tenants and asked them to check the guy out. The mover I recommended to them is going to do their move ad I talked to him about 15 minutes ago and he said he would be on the lookout for any problems when he does their move.
          "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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            If your cameras caught the abuse that may be enough for the LEO's


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              My office camera did catch it and I will download it all to a memory stick and have it if needed. I want to get a report from the mover first and then contact the police tenants if needed.
              "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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                Oh God-how awful.
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