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  • Don't Take It Personally

    That's just one way to handle negative feedback, whether from a customer or your boss. How do you handle criticism?
    Amy Campbell
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    For me, I like to write down what was said and take it apart until I am able to create an actionable plan to improve myself.

    It has taken many harsh words for me to get to this point, but I know that people often say things in the heat of the moment that hold a grain of truth. While the overall criticism maybe harsh, rude or incredibly offensive, it still holds a grain of truth. I try to uncover and learn from this, as there is always room for improvement. There is no reason to for me to be closed off or offended, everyone perceives things differently and sometimes we don't see the angle another person is coming from. I am all for improvement or altering something to make myself a better employee (as long as it does not interfere with my values of course ).

    I thank people for being honest with me, and welcome all forms of criticism. If they don't like something they need to speak up or it will never change; after all, I am not a mind reader.

    I address any and all customer complaints this way as well. While I don't control all the things that my company does, or policies that are in place; I can change the way I respond to any and all negativity so that I am not simply 'passing the blame' but creating an opportunity for change in the future.

    I have an ongoing list of complaints/ negative feedback that I've received for my company and when we have our quarterly meetings I bring the list in and had it out. Then we go over it look for areas in which we can improve.

    Personally I am a very strong believer in education and I do my best to educate customers with our company social media profiles. Hopefully if they see something enough times it sinks in and they help us, while helping themselves.

    That being said, I like to think I handle criticism very well. Even if it takes me a few moments to cool off before I respond.


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      Water off a ducks back, depending on how it was given.
      "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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        Oh, I'm too sensitive. But if it's warranted I will work hard on the complaint, if not I'll angst about it for a bit and then let it go. I'm getting better at that.
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          Seldom do I worry about any criticism- I usually get high praises and thumbs up from my employer. So when it does come, I will admit I'm not great at taking criticism from upper management. They are not here everyday, so when there is an issue that I make a decision on I need them to trust that it was not made with any disregard to company policy. I take great pride in my work and it is personal to me.My first instinct is to ask for specific examples. I can show I had a reason for doing something the way I did. I have learned to cover my butt by documenting EVERYTHING so I can refer back to it if there's an issue later down the road. Because we are run by a Property Management company I have learned to include them in the decision making process if I felt the situation warranted it. This way if there is an issue I can redirect their attention to the person at the home office who gave me those instructions.
          If it is a customer complaint my approach is to listen, repeat back what they said so they know I heard them. If it is a misunderstanding of the rules or policies, I pull out their file and go over it with them so they understand they have no reason to complain. If we made an error and caused a customer a hardship, I will bend over backwards to make it right with the customer, with our apologies.
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            If it's coming from the bosses, I understand it is for my benefit and I don't take it in a negative way (and its never presented in a negative tone or approach). From a tenant, it would often be due to a policy or rule that really has nothing to do with me in the end, they're unhappy with something and I happen to be the person in the office.


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