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    Does anyone here do Free Move-In Trucks? It’s one of our favorite amenities. We have 5 trucks between our stores. I have a new store opening in January and am truck shopping. I have come across a great deal on a truck, but it has a lift-gate. Does anyone else have a truck with a lift-gate? I know this is a premium feature, but I have concerns with tenants operating the lift-gate and the obvious liability associated with it.

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    All I can imagine is severed fingers etc. (yikes) but only because I know people don't always use the common sense God gave an orange.

    Our truck has a ramp-maybe talk to your insurance comp and feel them out-ramp vs lift gate.
    Even duct-tape can't fix stupid. But it can muffle the noises.

    WA State


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      I have a free truck with just a ramp. I wouldn't want a truck with a lift gate to send out with tenants, not only due to the liability and risks associated with it hurting people, but more for the cost of repairing it when it was broken by stupid users. A truck with a broken lift gate is completely unusable, and repairing anything hydraulic is costly.

      Maybe you can still get the great deal on the truck, remove and re-sell the liftgate separately and purchase an inexpensive aftermarket ramp in it's place.

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        We do the free move-in truck promo but no lift gates, we had some but decided against it.

        Trucks do come with a dolly and ramp for easy loading.


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          I had a truck with a lift gate at my old job. The thing ALWAYS broke and half the people using the truck couldn't figure out how to use it. It actually became quicker to break down pallets and load them by hand or use a ramp and a jack. Ditch the lift gate like storman said.


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