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It's that time of year *hack hack* *cough cough*

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  • It's that time of year *hack hack* *cough cough*

    Yep-corona virus on the news, flu shot signs at every grocery store.

    I put out a small tray of cookies every morning (I sit behind a high desk and the cookies are on a low table by the door so I'm not tempted).

    A cute as a button little boy, about 4 years old, comes in with his grandma looking for the bathroom. I direct them (reminds me, I need to clean the bathroom again). They come back in and it's obvious this little tyke is sick, red cheeks and runny nose. He sees the cookies and makes a beeline over and promptly coughs all over the tray. *face palm*

    Grandma restricts him to one cookie and one 'infected' cookie for his sister (who if she isn't sick, will be soon) and leaves.

    I got busy before I could get rid of the infected cookies and there's only one left (I hope no one ate them, but I'm not sure) when I finally check. I've thrown away that one, disinfected the tray and restocked.

    Yesterday I went around and clorox wiped all of the flatbed dolly handles and key pads and elevator buttons. I also clorox wiped the counter, printers and the computer keypad. Ugh.
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    Yuck..gotta love kids. Last year when I flew to Tennessee for Thanksgiving, I was sitting there,waiting for the rest of the passengers to board.I was in seat 1A. A little guy, maybe a few years old walks in front of his mother, and pauses right next to me while she fumbles with another child and a stroller. He has snot running down his nose, and blinks a few times before sneezing All OVER ME. I could feel the spray hit my face. It took a few days for me to develop a fever and turned into a snot factory myself. It ruined Thanksgiving for me, I stayed in the guest room during our visit as much as possible to void spreading germs, but after we flew home, all of our hosts got it too. We currently wipe down everything with lysol wipes a few times a day, even the handles on the carts and door handles, pens get a good dousing of lysol spray.Tis the season!
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      Not gonna fly. Trapped with all kinds of people in there. If I am going anywhere they have to give me time to drive.
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        I keep a can of spray Lysol handy also to clean the infected particles floating about in the air when someone has been in the office and filled it with coughs and sneezes.
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          Kris provides more great advice in this blog on the ISS website.
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