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  • You're gonna need a bigger unit

    What is it with people lately? Do they think we have no idea what we are talking about when giving them unit size information?? I got a phone call a short time ago from a woman wanting me to list all the sizes and prices of available units. I asked her if she could tell me what she planned on storing so I could give her more accurate info rather than "everything". Her plans are to store 2 queen beds, 1 king bed, a dining table, and several boxes. Ok, she'll need at least a 10x15, those mattresses and box springs are going to take up a ton of room. THEN she asks if I have anything like a 6x8 or 6x10. I tell her I have a 5x8 and 5x10, but if she's thinking of putting all that in the unit, they won't be big enough. "Oh, you don't think there will be enough room"? No, I KNOW there won't be enough room. She says she needs to go over what she needs to store and will call back. A short time later, the phone rings and it's a private caller. I don't answer those because they are all garbage calls. They call again. I don't answer. I finally answer the third time. It's the same woman, asking if I have a 6x8 or a 6x10 unit. I tell her, again, I only have the 5x8 or 5x10, and, again, give her the prices. Now she's probably going to show up here wanting to rent a tiny unit for all that stuff and it won't work, and I will have to tell her I'm not renting her a small unit knowing what she plans on putting in it. And I don't want to be stuck with mattresses she's probably just dumping here.
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    Deja vu all over again!!


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      This week I had a guy drive from Florida to Washington. On his way here, he called to reserve a unit. I did the same thing, asked what he is storing and he says, Oh no,he says- I just need a 5x10, that's what I had in Florida so I know that is the size I need. I ask if he can describe the items and he gets testy- so I let it he shows up a few days later. I did not see them pull in as our office window only shows about 1/10th of our parking area. He does the paperwork and he and his friend walk back out to their vehicle to bring it to the loading dock to start unloading. I kid you not, they had a 15 ft U-haul packed FULL. Because he was a bit if a jerk, I waited, and waited,after about an hour they had all their stuff spread out in the hallway and were scratching their heads trying to figure it out. I casually walked by and said, Gosh, I am impressed you managed to get all that stuff in your 5x10 in Florida! It looks like your having some difficulty fitting it all in there. Would you like to see a 10x15 or a 10x20 if you want a little wiggle room? They ended up renting the 10x20. Because he didnt want to take my advice he had to work harder. And I charged him a transfer fee for the extra paperwork.Some people just learn the hard way.I only work here, it's not like I know what I doing.
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        wc1974, our 5x10 units here in Florida are MUCH larger...the heat causes them to expand ya know!

        I almost NEVER rent a unit without taking the customer back and showing them the unit first, for that very reason. It's always the ones who are in the biggest hurry too, they come in with 15 minutes till close and insist they've stored before and know exactly what size they need.


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          Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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            If they won't take a bigger unit, rent them one of these!
            Ha Ha Ha
            Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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              Originally posted by lady5563 View Post
              if they won't take a bigger unit, rent them one of these!
              Ha ha ha


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                That is the "self storage facility storage items trimming chainsaw" I have spoken about many times.

                If they try to cram items in to a unit to small they can damage the unit and door and guess who doesn't want to pay for their damage.

                You cut everything to equal size and length, like firewood, and stack in the unit. Works every time.
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                  I had that happen with a girl in Florida years ago. Wanted a 5x5x5 LOCKER to store a king mattress. I tried explaining over and over how that isn't gonna work even to the point of telling her the only way it's going in is if she plans on taking a chainsaw to her mattress. I enjoyed watching her come back with multiple guys to "help the damsel in distress" move her stuff then her having to come in with attitude because it wont fit. "Well it came in a box smaller than that so I don't know why they can't squeeze it in".... I had enough of her at that point and her overprivileged self so I magically had nothing but something bigger than she needed available which she took and paid a transfer fee to get.

                  Same facility had a guy call wanting to store a classic VW bug in a 6x8 INSIDE unit. It wasn't until I asked him if he felt like dismantling the entire vehicle and cramming the pieces into the unit that he started understanding sizes and the fact you can't drive a car through a normal sized door in to a building.


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                    When they call in and say "I only need a 5x5, I have a small turck worth of stuff...."


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                      This thread is another reason why I won't do online rentals.
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                        I took over a property in Dallas. During my first walk-thru I noticed a 5x5 unit that the door was bulging out. Long story short, They went to auction and when I opened the door a queen sized mattress flew out. The Bozo's had folded it.

                        Welcome back Pac.


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