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Protecting Yourself During COVID-19

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  • Protecting Yourself During COVID-19

    The CDC projects up to 11,000 Americans will die each week this month due to the virus. Dr. Fauci offers these five prevention tips:
    1. Wear a mask
    2. Keep physical distance
    3. Avoid indoor bars
    4. Keep away from crowds
    5. Maintain hand hygiene
    It's nothing you haven't already been told, but it's always good to be reminded. How do you remind your tenants on your site's safety protocols? Do you have hand sanitizer available beyond the office? How about signage? Post pics if you can!
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage
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    We take basic precautions. Plexi shield, mask, hand-sanitizer ( although those are made to kill bacterial not viral but oh well..) I don't put much faith in the CDC for a few reasons:1.)They are not honest: since they have conflict of interest in owning and profiting from shares in the pharmaceutical companies that makes the vaccines that they also vote to approve. 2.) Their predictions concerning deaths from COVID-19 so far have been way off, not in their favor. I do however believe we should all take precautions as much as possible and wash our hands frequently. I dont believe the virus knows not to affect you in Walmart but it will in a bar. It wont affect you in a protest, but it will if you hang out at church or with friends at a BBQ. Some of these suggestions are just ridiculous. They need to pick a narrative and stick to it. Do masks work or dont they? If they do then why the social distancing. Why not give the prisoners masks instead of releasing them? Sorry, but this whole pandemic thing is really lost on me, and it feels more like an election infection rather than an actual pandemic. We should be looking at numbers of deaths,not positive tests, especially seeing as how many of the tests have proven to be false positives and reported numbers are found to be false, an "OOPS" moment by those reporting them ( Texas, Florida). We should be listening to doctors and scientists who actually work in the field, not teach at a college where they havent practiced medicine on real people in 20+ years. We should NOT be listening to Fauci, or Gates, or Obama for Pete's sake. Fauci contradicts himself every other day, Gates stands to profit immensely from vaccines, and Obama is just making it political. There! I did my part to make Pac proud, hopefully he'll be back soon

    AND I would like to add: I realize people have died from this, and that is truly tragic. My heart goes out to their families who are hurting and grieving. But every year people die. They die from the flu ( comparable numbers BTW) and all manner of other accidental, medical, reasons. In no way do I mean to downplay the seriousness of this virus, however I feel once this passes and we get the straight answers from all the different government departments we will learn much of this could have been avoided, and many local mayors, governors ( Cuomo,Whitmer making healthy Seniors house with infected Covid patients for example) contributed to these death numbers, as well as the slow reaction from the White House.Im not defending any political party here, just asking people to use reason and LOOK up the data and read about the conflicting information to draw your own conclusions.
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      I swing the other way-I have my groceries delivered. I've had my nephew and his partner come down with it, 2 people in my condo complex, a former co-worker's 16 year old niece was in a medically induced coma due to Covid.
      I wear a mask out, wash my hands and try and keep the facility clean. I'm a bit of an introvert anyway so not going out is my favorite
      I have another nephew who is a firefighter in Orange Co. CA and he's seen tons of people sick with it. (right now he's fighting the Apple fire and his wife is due in 2 weeks with their 3rd child)
      I don't know if the numbers are inflated but I don't want to get sick.
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        For me and my family, we will continue to live "in our bubble", we will wear our masks and we will social distance ourselves from others.
        We will continue to wash our hands and take all of the necessary precautions to help us not get this dreaded virus!
        Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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          I'm with you lady5563, better safe than sorry. Too many in this world that I care about and love to risk being stupid. My husband and I had some great travel plans for this past Spring, but you know how that went.
          Gina 6k

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            We have a plexi-glass shield, have hand sanitizer, require face masks while in the office and wash hands and sanitize frequently touches surfaces.
            I have had friends and fellow employees in another facility come down with it and a couple of deaths early on.

            I wear a mask when I go out and keep hand sanitizer and wipes in my purse. I order alot from Amazon and give thank yous to the delivery people. When I go out I socially distance.

            Since this virus is so new and in my opinion there is a lot we don't know I will take precautions. We will know alot more down the road but right now there are so many conflicting reports. Like when the CDC said that masks won't help - in addition to saving them for health care workers - and now they do. I realize that the numbers might be inflated but right now I am taking as many precautions as I can.
            The future depends on what you do in the present.


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