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    A self-storage unit is featured in a new music video by singer-songwriter Lilly Hiatt. Would you allow a singer to record a video at your site? What about TV or a movie scene? Pros and cons?
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    That would be an iffy situation. I don't want non-tenants knowing the layout of my property including where my cameras are located. Even most tenants aren't aware of the property as a whole...I have a tenant that's been here for 13 years and never realized we have a dumpster on site.


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      Just like I would have never wanted Storage Wars here, I would take a big PASS on the video. Gobs of money would have to be in my hand before I would even CONSIDER IT. 5 figures worth at least and the area would be very limited.
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        They did Storage Wars Texas on a site I worked. I was not there at the time, but the owner told me he would never do that again. They were there for days and very demanding and disruptive.


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          I watched the video and it doesn't show the facility just a couple of roll up doors and the inside of her unit. We would need lots of legal paperwork signed but it could be a maybe. If it was a big tv / video / music company it might be good for business. Of course, I am not the owner so the decision wouldn't be mine and it maybe would be more hassle than it is worth.

          Years ago we had one of those big home renovation shows here. They didn't shoot any video but when they got the lumber and supplies delivered they put it in a unit that we comped them and at the end of the show we got a mention in the credits. It was only for a couple of weeks and it was a large unit that wasn't being used
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            This article has her music video!!

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              Watch all the Lilly Hiatt fans start decorating their units like that!
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                I would not consider it. As you all know we can experience some hectic moments just with dealing with customers, I wouldn't want to cause additional stress to myself or customers wanting to access where filming is happening.
                I managed a facility in Fairfield CA and that Ty Pennington home improvement show stored at our location. They stored the items out of the house they were remodeling for a lady who adopted/fostered handicapped children. The show completed filming but not yet aired. The lady Ty was helping was in my office and yacking on her cell phone making arrangements with others to sell the items/furniture just donated to her via the tv show. I was disgusted and didn't continue watching that program. Like pacnwstorage previously said "give them an inch and they'll take a mile".


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