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    We've all been on the receiving end of poor customer service, but have you ever been the giver? Maybe you were new to the job (any job), having a bad day or just irritated. Or perhaps you've heard about an incident at another facility. Share your stories.
    Amy Campbell
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    I have had bad days but according to some members here I am a turd so it is hard for my tenants to tell the difference, good or bad days.

    I really do go in to a "script mode" dealing with anything at the counter and on the phone. I am the same no matter how I feel. Big smiles are given when I feel they are warranted and no smiles when someone believes they are in control. I believe that the script mode works because in the end, the people want efficient over butterflies and unicorns. I have go to jokes that I use thru this whole process and I gauge the the response to see where the person's comfort zone is. Some times I fell pretty good and they don't so I tone it down. I truly try to adapt to them. If they are meek and mild mannered, I am too. If they have an "out there" personality, so do I. If they want to cuss like a sailor, well I am down with that.

    I really can have multiple personalities when needed. I can be a "throat punch" or "hugger guy" depending on the situation.


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      I for the most part provide really good customer service to anyone that contacts us. There have been a few rude or belligerent people over the years that I may have responded in kind to though. Benefits of being the manager and the owner there is no one left for them to complain to.


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        I worked in the service industry through high school and college and was taught that "the customer is always right". In over 20 years of owning/managing a storage facility I pride myself on giving the best customer service I can. While we all know the customer is absolutely NOT always right, I try very hard to let him/her feel as though they have been heard and appreciated because sometimes that is all they really want. I consider it a "win" when an initially upset customer finishes the conversation by saying "Thank you" to me. You catch more flies with honey...


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          When I was a newbie in self storage, I worked two jobs. I worked for a large city in their Parks & Recreation/Library department. One of their trainings was on customer service, the gist of it, the customer is not always right - however, the customer is always important. That has stuck with me from the moment I heard it and it is my mantra inside my head when dealing with customers, in any situation.

          I hate to say it but I do seem to remember the more difficult tenants, then the ones that were really nice. I think it may have to do with the fact that I would not like to repeat the same problems/discussions with any new tenants.

          I would like to think we provide great customer service, as our online reviews are pretty solid and generate more business.


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            I think anyone who has worked customer service can answer yes to this. I worked at an appliance repair company for a while and let me tell you... hell hath no fury like someone who's refrigerator has gone out. My customer service has improved greatly, but I still need more work with belligerent customers.


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              The customer is always right except for when they're not. Most times everything works out to where we're both happy. Other times they are asked to leave


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                I've never given bad service to a good customer. However, I have given very monosyllable, bordering on snarky responses to people I don't want as a customer for various reasons. No need to give the local criminal type your sales pitch if you're not going to rent to them.
                Gina 6k
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                You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!
                I am not an attorney, just an experienced manager who is willing to share what I have learned. Your thoughts, practices or opinions may vary and neither of us may be right.


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                  I have been in management positions since I started working at 16. I was always taught to "leave that stuff at the door". I have never been rude or ugly to a customer, but I have had to stand my ground a couple times when they were awful to me. In another post, I stated I don't take things personally anymore and I think THAT has helped me to not produce bad customer service. While you cannot please everyone, I do try to let them know they are heard and if I cannot help them, I will let them talk to our GM to find them a solution. I have definitely heard horror stories from my tenants who are switching to my facility because of the way they were treated elsewhere. I have almost mastered calming a customer down...usually they just want to be heard. The way I see it, this is my job...I literally get pad to be here and they're not paying me to bring my personal problems "through the door" or to treat customers badly. After all, they don't have to do business with me and spend their hand earned money with us, so I keep that in mind, as well.
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                    So, Angela changed her pic to include the boys I see. I have a reminder note to not take things personal.


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