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  • Careful What You Say!

    Sad. A customer "jumped" to a conclusion which was weird: a manager called the customer asking if he had placed a mattress in the dumpster. (mouse to cameras weren't working). Then the "red lock" wasn't taken off his unit after he paid. Tenant said this is the second time he was accused of placing an item in the dumpster which was false. Manager apologized, and said "this will never happen again." The tenant even volunteered to take a picture of anyone who placed items not allowed in the dumpsters. But tenant went home, thought about it, and then called ALL the sites claiming the manager was subtly saying that after the manager had said the above, told him it would never happen again. That was a way of saying that the manager would evict him.

    One of the sites called the main office, and upper management called the manager. Another customer knows the tenant, and asked why he thought that, since it was obvious that's not what the manager meant or said, and actually told upper management this. Now this manager has been with the company 17 years, good customer relations.

    Sometimes I think there are people who like to ruin good reputations.

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    In part, I agree. However, manager should not have jumped to conclusions without proof. Do I think tenant took it too far, you bet. Manager's reputation should supersede any false complaints.


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