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Gutters on Trachte Buildings

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  • Gutters on Trachte Buildings

    Hey everyone. I searched through the forums and didn't see what I was looking for so I figured that I would start a new post. I have toyed with the idea of adding gutters onto the north side of my buildings for many years. This winter finally pushed me over the edge and I decided to call in some gutter companies for quotes. Not one of the three companies could provide me a quote. The reason being was that they could not find a bracket to hold the 6" gutter to the buildings. I have traditional Trachte drive up buildings. I was curious what other people are doing in this situation. Thanks

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    When a building is ordered with gutters, there would be less roof overhang and the gutters are attached to the building, not the roof sheet. You should not attempt to attach any kind of gutters to your roof panel as the weight will be a problem when they fill with ice. Cutting the panels to be shorter to accept gutters is also not advised since the heat created by the field cutting damages the galvanizing and causes rust.

    Assuming you are in an area with snow and ice, adding gutters will likely just give you a different freezing problem rather than solve your problems. Buildings with water draining on doors on north sides are notoriously difficult to deal with.


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      Steve it is a north side issue in upstate NY. It’s something I have given much thought to as I have built new buildings that I couldn’t change their orientation. Wasn’t looking to cut any metal on the roof. Actually would look to come up with a bracket that could attach to the vertical piece below the fascia somehow. I would also heat the gutter.


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