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Transferring a business unit to a new contact person?

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  • Transferring a business unit to a new contact person?

    Hi Everyone. I'm curious about what everyone requires when they have a business unit and get an email or stop in from somebody you don't know who says that 'So and so' no longer works for the company and wants the contact info to be put into their name? Do you require something on company letter head? Do you have the new contact sign an updated contract? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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    I would do a new contract....


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      I require a letter on company letterhead or an email from the official company email. I'd never get a new contract here because the person in charge is usually out of state!


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        When I did mine, I went to the president of the company, and he did a remote lease, Of course if that guy moves on.... I will catch the next one. And I guess now I have the idea of the company letter head is a good idea.


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          Get a letter on letterhead,(This is 'We Make scissors' and Run DMC no longer works for our company. Please change the unit to Bo diddly.) and have them send in the new person. All new contract (but you can overwrite the current information, no need to move out and in) and insurance from company. We do this every few months. Also, don't forget to see if they need a new credit card on file.
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            Some great ideas, thanks!


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