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  • Manager or Owner signature on lease

    We've had a signature spot for owner on leases in 3 states for years and I can't recall when was the last one I saw signed. Now with remote moveins, kiosk moveins, eSign, scanned documents - I think this deserves some chatter! Who has process for manager or owner to sign leases? What procedures ensure owner and customer that he's authorized to sign? When in process flow does he sign - when extending the lease to customer, or upon receipt of signed lease by customer? Does customer receive a fully executed lease? Should the extended lease be pre-signed (by scribble or other mention)
    Or .. is your lease crafted in such a way that customer only need sign to have a binding agreement, such as when I rent a car?
    Perhaps state requirements vary. A quick search found this in an OK state-standard lease
    LESSOR: Lessorís signature or signature of the legal authorized agent of owner.
    LESSEE: Signature and title of agency director or designated representative authorized by the Division of Capital Assets Management.
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    Excellent topic!
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      Once I LET a new tenant lease aunit at my web site they still have to show to sign my lease. I also sign.
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        Us too, our lease says "operator's signature", not owner or manager, so any of us can sign it.
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          Managers/site managers act as 'owner' for the facility and sign every contract.
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            This is an excellent topic!
            I have brought this to my owners attention too.
            We have recenlty added a tablet to the office.
            We now do e-sign when leasing up.
            The tablet is not set up for the managers to sign but the tenants are able to sign.
            The spot where we are supposed to sign remains blank.
            I suggested that we auto fill out the LA and then upload it to our sites.
            The owners are discussing and looking into options.

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              In certain programs you can set an automatic signature for manager/owner. This will have it auto populate in the contract, then the customer signs the rest.


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                We allow our managers to act as our agents. With that said when we switched to StorEdge I inputted my digital signature into all the rental agreements. So my signature is just part of the file and is there on every rental agreement.


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                  Our leases have a spot for "Owner's Representative" where our manager/cashier signs it AFTER the customer signs it, even if it's an RPost email rental. We have no kiosk.


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