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3 Big Legal Concerns

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  • 3 Big Legal Concerns

    Death. Divorce. Disappearance. Operators loathe dealing with these tenant issues. Each has its own legal responsibilities. A new article by Scott Zucker offers advice on keeping problems like these from spinning out of control.

    Have you faced any of these problems? Share your story.
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage


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    We had an old man who passed away. I inherited the mess when I was made manager. I called the alt every week when suddenly the alt answered!
    "You're lucky you got me, i never answer from numbers I don't recognize." He gave me the deceased persons' kids contact information and after trying again and again with those, I finally got the daughter on the day before the auction, who turned out to be the executor. She said, "Let it go to auction."
    So, I did. Then she came and picked up the old photos/personal papers.

    So, the lesson here is to be persistent I guess.
    I want buns of steel.
    I also want buns of cinnamon.

    Newcastle, WA


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