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  • Legal Nightmares

    Industry expert Jeff Greenberger highlights the four biggest legal issues operators are facing. What legal problems keep you up at night?
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage


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    I am glad to say that I don't worry about it. The lease I have is iron clad and I give ALL tenants copies of the lease and any addendums and display everything I need to in the office and all signs on the facility are clearly posted. I never ever deviate from what the lease or addendum says. I have stated many times that taking partial payments means deviating from most leases and therefore creates a lease problem. Managers/owners are going to do what they want and that is their call to do so. I cannot state sternly enough how important it is to know your state statutes for self storage.
    "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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      One other idea that I had on this topic... while most security camera systems just record the data on a central DVR (and some have an option for remote viewing but even those don't always save everything in the cloud) there is another way to have a local back up. Some manufacturers make cameras that...
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    • Steve_hajewski
      Reply to Break in at our units
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      Sorry to hear about this. Chateau sells a cylinder lock that is compatible with Trac-Rite's latches. The also sell two different stainless slide latches that will fit the door, however they will require drilling new holes.

      It does sound like you were doing things correctly for being a rural...
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    • KrisinNC
      Reply to Break in at our units
      by KrisinNC
      It sounds like you're on top of it. I'd add motion sensitive lights. Regular lighting then when there is motion brighter lights pop on so they realize that maybe there are cameras. I'd make the utility/camera room not accessible to the outside if possible....
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