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Facility property insurance in Florida

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  • Facility property insurance in Florida

    Newly built facility in Florida. Anyone have recommendations for insurance carriers? Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    This is out of my realm so my next comment may be wrong.

    I would think that facility insurance carriers would be something that would have been decided on a long time ago if the facility is freshly built.

    Or are you just changing carriers and want recommendations?
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      Thank you!

      The facility is under construction. Looking to open in 60 days. Currently the facility has builders risk insurance.

      Seeking recommendations for property insurance once the facility opens.


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        Welcome to the Forum!

        Where are you located? I'm in Central Florida

        I presently work for a company that uses Choice Protection (Aka Deans & Homer, 800-847-9999) They cover things that a lot of others do not and they also have $0 deductible with a disc or cylinder lock.. Their coverage starts at $11.00 for $2k of coverage. Covers burglary, rodents, vandalism, explosion, fire and water damage*. They actually cover a LOT that the other companies do not, to my knowledge. Have also worked with Bader,
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          I'm thinking they mean actually insurance for themselves and the property, not ones offered to customers. But if I am wrong and you're looking for insurance for customers Storsmart is really good, premiums aren't the cheapest around but they actually take care of the customers when an issue happens unlike some of the ones i've dealt with who look for any loophole to not pay a claim.


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            Go to an independent agent, he can shop around for you, and get you the best deal.
            Dave (Woodee) Scott


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              Originally posted by Storageapprentice View Post
              Newly built facility in Florida. Anyone have recommendations for insurance carriers? Thanks.
              You need to make sure that you have Customer Goods Legal Liability and Wrongful Sale coverage. Also, you need to make sure they are insuring your buildings for an adequate $$ amount. You should also ask if they have a Cyber Liability endorsement that can be added to the policy. I would also try and get a Pollution Liability policy as well - these are usually pretty inexpensive - mine is about $320 per year.

              Definitely look for an independent agent. They will be able to take your specific facility and find you a good policy.


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