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2019 Lien Law Updates - WV, NH, IA, GA, VA, MT

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  • 2019 Lien Law Updates - WV, NH, IA, GA, VA, MT

    Good afternoon - The self storage lien laws in West Virginia, New Hampshire, and Iowa were entirely rewritten earlier this year and include many changes beneficial to storage operators in those states. Georgia, Virginia, and Montana also revised their lien laws. Many of these changes will allow you to modernize your practices and will also require revisions to your rental agreement. More details are available on the SSA website:
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    Reply to monopoly from sitelink/sparefoot/StorEdge
    by Storman
    feels a little like Stockholm Syndrome. By feeding these aggregators we're hurting our own industry. In the name of possibly increasing occupancy percentage we're giving away a large slice of our income and future viability. Income that we as the business developers, owners and operators have taken...
    Yesterday, 11:38 PM
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    Reply to monopoly from sitelink/sparefoot/StorEdge
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    I definitely had more rentals with Sparefoot. I was using Storedge as well. A big question to ask each person once the reservation comes in is how long they plan to store for. Each time a Sparefoot reservation rents for 1 month and takes off, you're losing money. I would politely decline those reservations....
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    Reply to monopoly from sitelink/sparefoot/StorEdge
    by IceBox
    Following up on this, just wondering if anyone is having success with Sparefoot/Storable Marketplace for renting up a new facility. It makes sense to try and be visible everywhere you possibly can be, especially for a newer facility or expansion, but I do see some of the downfalls:

    A) sparefoot/storable...
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