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Tiny House in Lien Sale

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  • Tiny House in Lien Sale

    So I have a 1st for me in current online sale. I have a tenant that was building a tiny house himself that has defaulted on his unit. It is now for sale in our online auction process. Does anyone know if there is any special titling for that? I would assume it would just be registered as a home made trailer, so there would be no issues passing title. But I figured this may be a unique enough circumstance that maybe I should look into more. I would say the home is only 30% complete at this time, so it is no where close to a finished product. I have no idea if it is event road worthy.

    I don't think it would be appropriate to link to the active online sale but if someone wants a link they can send me a private message or email me at [email protected]

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    I would not think it is titled till it is complete, if at all. The trailer it is on may have a VIN but you said homemade so I doubt that as well. Sell it and let the buyer deal with it. Or not.
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        I didn't find much and nothing that applied to a lien sale of one of those things in a storage unit. Like Pac was saying, if there's no VIN, I think you're good to sell it just like any other unit. You can call it a homemade thingamabob and the buyer can do the initial registration as a homemade trailer if they want.
        If the trailer does have a VIN, I'm assuming you'll need to jump through the normal hoops of auctioning a car, or just have it towed as an abandoned vehicle and let the tow guys put a lien on the thing since they're used to that process.
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          Have you checked with your local tax collector's office? They may be able to help, or point you in the right direction if they can't.
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            This is a home made trailer for sure I know there is no VIN number on it.. I actually got to look at it before it had any structure on it. The trailer was specifically built for the home he was putting on it.

            I imagine the buyer may end up demolishing what the person has built and using the trailer for their own needs. I would expect that trailer cost 4-6k to be built.


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              Im a little shocked here the tiny house sold for just $136.00. Definitely a specialty item.


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