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  • Lien Sale Protocol ... Now

    The topic of lien sales has come up in several COVID-19 threads, so I thought I'd dedicate one in the Legal forum.

    For those moving forward with lien sales, have you made any changes to your process?

    If you're not conducting lien sales yet due to the pandemic, do you plan to alter your process? How so?

    Check out this ISS article for advice on the topic.
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    We have not changed a thing. But Idaho has been on the fringe of the Covid thing.


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      We paused all notices being mailed out from March through July 1st, we did not charge any late fees or pre-lien or lien fees. There is nothing keeping us from legally proceeding, but we did it out of caution because the language was not clear. There was talk of cease and desist on tenant evictions for residential renters and also those who hold mortgages were given relief , but nothing about auctions for commercial storage.We re-started the process on all notices July 1st, even for those who had previously already received a pre-lien or final-lien notice. So they get an extra 45 days. That time has almost elapsed. Usually we will get a schedule of auctions ahead of time. So far there is nothing on the schedule for August, so I'm wondering if they ( property management company) will delay again.
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