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  • Shopping for new insurance

    My new property and liability insurance went up for more then 50% which is ridiculous. So I was wondering if anyone can share what insurance you are using, if you shopped around and what insurance company you would recommend. Thank you in advance.

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    Did they provide a written reason for the increase? Sometimes, the initial policy is based on the numbers that are provided to them. If those numbers are low, when they do an audit, they will adjust those numbers, usually upwards. Also, during any audit, they will provide you the information they have and provide you a window of time to dispute that information and provide proof.

    I would contact them and get an explanation for the increase, you may be able to provide some proof or documentation that may reduce that increase.


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      Yes, they said "rates are going up industry wide this year". They said they will take another look at it to make sure. From roughly $1,900 to $3,000 that's crazy.


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        My policy is written by Deans & Homer thru a local agent. It went up like $50 this year.


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