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    In this thread about biggest operational problems, getting tenants to READ the lease is mentioned a few times. So ... how do you get your new tenant to actually read this important doc?
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    You don't. They sign it. And you explain the rules as violations occur


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      One place I worked at gave you time to explain everything, another we concentrate on important factors...what not allowed to storei, nsurance, gate hours, tailgating, getting locked in, grace period for payment, how to make paymnts,pets, and etc, now it's really all on the cstmr if they sign online. I hate not living on site...


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        Originally posted by helenatim View Post
        You don't. They sign it. And you explain the rules as violations occur


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          I hit the highlights as ours is like 10 pages. Access, what they can store, if they don't pay here's the penalties, pest control, things they cannot do under penalty of getting kicked out pronto, no food or loitering (I mean, let's be real, we've had a little over a week of straight 102-108 temps every day, for the love of God, don't hang out at your unit) if legal items come into fore then we agree to mediation, things like that. I always say, "We're sending this straight to your email so you can always reference it if you have any questions."
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            I had a lady yesterday angry and threaten to sue us because our agreement does not mention auction. I referenced line item Private Messages lien process & she said "well that doesn't mean auction." Then I reminded her that she had not made a payment since February to which she said that she had tried numerous times to contact me with no luck. She has been on my auction list many times & knows the process. Just thought she was talking with someone else until I reminded of her of specific dates in which we had the same conversation Some people just don't get it no matter how many times you explain.


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              Not much sticks unless it is important to them at the time.

              When explaining the contract, in their mind they are thinking about... when they need to have the borrowed/rented truck back, I wonder when it is going to rain, did I feed the dog today, I need to get gas, the kids need picked up at....


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                About a year ago, I made a three-page "Quick Reference Guide" that I go over with the customer before we finish the rental.

                I start off by telling them that "The rental agreement answers most, if not all of the questions you may ever have about the unit or facility but here are a few high points:"

                Page #1: Do's and Don'ts - basic rules and regs (entry hours, when and how to report issues, what's not allowed, etc.)
                Page #2: Fee Breakdown - detailed breakdown for late fees, admin fee, clean up fee, and all other misc. fees.
                Page #3: Reminders - just a few reminders such as tenant access hours, office hours, pest control, and lock out reminders

                This does add about 10 minutes to the rental process but I have seen a drop (if ever so slight) in questions that are clearly stated in the rental agreement.

                That being said, there is always those customers (1 out of 3) that just nod their head or stare at their phone while I'm going over it with them.


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                  Most people's attention spans, especially while moving, are so narrow, that I usually hit the high points if its a phone rental: Gate hours, month-to-month lease, don't store any perishable items. If it's an online rental, I text them the same thing.
                  Up to them to read the agreement when they sign it. The most common thing that comes up is at move out when we DONT pro-rate. Other than that, I would say 98% of tenancies go very smoothly.


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