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proof of address

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  • proof of address

    Can anyone please help me out.

    Can we turn anyone a way if they do not bring proof of there adress with there i.d. when they come an rent a unit?

    I am getting alot of bad address off i.ds and even when I ask the tenant if the address is correct on the id the tenant tells me that the address on the i.d is no good and I get the new one and it turns out bad too.

    Just not sure if I can turn them away with out a law suit.

    Or if I should make sure it is posted in my office that you have to have an i.d and proof of address, also get alot of bad numbers.

    any ideas


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    Photo copy driver license

    Yes you have the right to refuse business to anyone that you may see as being "Unfit". In Ohio mini storage's are considered as a luxury not a necessity.

    One way that you may consider is to (color) photo copy their drivers licences and ask them to fill out a company for stating that the address that they have provided is up to date. And if it is not, them they will complete a section on the bottom of the same form with the new address. Have this same form as an extension of the rental agreement that they MUST sign. In the state Ohio there is a "Contractual Obligation" law that covers both parties that will protect you.

    Oh, and by telling them that it is a company policy to photo copy all tenants valid State driver license, it has a habit to scare off any unwanted people that may have malice on the mind.


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      For us all ID's are scanned into the computer and photo copied

      In our contract it states that it is their responsibility to provide us with any change in address in writing - we can not be held liable if they do not receive notices if they do not provide good information --- I also point this out during the rental process.

      We still get bad address -- it only lasts so long as these people are not reliable in paying and usually end up getting auctioned or pay us a lot in fees while they are here.

      Do I let it bother me -- not any more.
      Jamestown, ND

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