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2018 Social Media Plan

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  • 2018 Social Media Plan

    What changes do you plan to make this year to your social media outreach?
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage


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    Less Facebook. More Google, Twitter, Apple & NextDoor.


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      How are you approaching Apple & Nextdoor?


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        I am interested in how you are using Apple as well.


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          So I've been told by the marketing specialists that social media isn't that imperative for self storage as people go where' it's close and look at google reviews. We're going to work on getting the google reviews up .


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            We got a window decal from Google when we verified our business. I haven't installed it because I don't want to junk up the entry doors. Google is a strong tool but I've just never had a ton of luck with AdWords. It may be something that I'm doing. What actions are you taking to boost google reviews? I have 11 reviews (all positive thank goodness) but my competitors have over 100... Maybe something I need to look into.


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              So I've been thinking about the google reviews thing since my previous post. I came up with this idea and I'd like some honest feedback. Do you think its okay to flat out ask for reviews? I've just posted these two signs on our property to test the waters. What's your take on it?
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                I think its a great idea to ask and offering the incentive will surely get you positive reviews. I wonder though if some may say that you are paying for these reviews?

                Personally, when reading reviews on anything, I take 1 star reviews with a grain of salt. Usually the customer didn't know how to follow the directions or he/she is upset over bad customer service or shipping. (Again, thinking about not just storage) I think asking for the review is the best way to get any positive feedback. I think we may do something similar when we get opened up.

                Great signage by the way!
                Adam Harris
                Store More Mini Storage
                Rogersville, TN


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                  Thank you Omega - I had the same consideration about backlash from "buying" reviews. I will do everything I can to earn a good review but I also understand that I'm not going to be able to make 100% of the people who walk in here happy. I would still pay in the event that I had a bad review but would work very hard to convince them to make it a good one.

                  I noticed that you're in Rogersville. My parents have a home not to far from you on Lake Norris. Lots of love for East Tennessee!


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                    As a consumer, once I narrow down a product, I look at reviews. What impresses me most is when the company/manufacturer responds to a negative review. So every review, whether positive or negative can help build a reputation. AND yes, not everyone will leave review regardless of incentives.

                    I have been many places and fortunate to have been around lots of the US and East TN is one of the prettiest--well I am a little biased!
                    Adam Harris
                    Store More Mini Storage
                    Rogersville, TN


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                      We are in the Silicon Valley so we have to stay relevant and be in the conversation. At this time, Instagram & Google+ reach is extremely important.
                      Other platforms that we will take advantage of in 2018 are YouTube, Twitter & LinkedIn.

                      NextDoor for businesses is difficult bc of the visibility factor (you need recommendations from neighboring businesses to be visible). However, you can register as a member by using the facility address and still be a part of the conversation. There are many perks to NextDoor: crime in the area (staying alert), reporting crimes, scheduling community events, etc. Heads up: do not promote your store as the post will be flagged and removed for violating the terms.

                      Follow us on Instagram:

                      Follow us on FB:


                      'Like' our photos on Yelp:

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                        Here is one of my recent customers who makes great use of FaceBook in addition to his own web site:



                        In fact, he gave me permission to use his facility map as my pic here on SST.

                        Steve Smith

                        Site Planner
                        Building Outlet Corporation


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                          I have been reviewing the best practices to get reviews, and it is against google policies to offer incentive for reviews apparently. That being said I know from previous ISS trade shows that it was an encouraged method. Any marketing experts with insight into that?


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