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    Do you call them climate control units, temperature controlled units, or heated and cooled units? We have been calling them climate control units,but are going to change to temperature controlled units. We heard where someone had a legal problem with the word climate.
    Dave (Woodee) Scott

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    Unfortunately, you can get into legal trouble with climate controlled or temperature controlled. Climate controlled indicates you're controlling humidity as well as temperature, but whether you're referring to your units as temperature or climate, you could end up in court if you guarantee that items will be kept within a certain range or humidity percentage and you unexpectedly lose power, leaving renters with damaged items from heat or cold.

    I wrote a blog post about this and referenced a great legal article that TSSA put out in 2007. To avoid liability, it's important to make sure your lease agreement includes a definition of the phrase '“climate controlled'” or 'temperature controlled' for the purposes of your business, as well as the standard non-liability verbiage. The definition on the lease agreement commonly looks something like this:
    If your unit is climate controlled, the term “climate controlled” for the purposes of this lease means that the facility will use reasonable efforts to avoid temperature extremes in a unit by keeping the unit warmer than the outside temperature in cold weather, and cooler than the outside temperature in hot weather, through an HVAC or other system. As with any mechanical system, it is subject to failure or malfunction. The facility makes no representations regarding humidity control or safety of contents stored in the unit.

    Hope this helps, Dave Scott!
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      Thanks We will add this to our lease
      Dave (Woodee) Scott


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        Here is what our Lease says. We say Temperature Controlled. Jeff Greenberger, Attorney, did our lease for us.

        11. Temperature Control: Tennessee law does not define the term temperature controlled. This Provision defines the responsibilities of Owner for providing temperature control to the Leased Space. If the Leased Space leased under this Rental Agreement between Owner and Occupant is a temperature controlled Leased Space, only if indicated as such in the Terms and Conditions section of this Rental Agreement, then this Provision 13 shall apply. Owner provides heating and air conditioning to the building containing the Leased Space. It is agreed that Owner shall use all reasonable efforts to maintain a temperature in the building containing the Leased Space by heating in the winter to no less than fifty five degrees (55°) Fahrenheit and cooling in the summer to no higher than eighty degrees (80°) Fahrenheit. Occupant recognizes that under certain circumstances including, but not exclusively, mechanical failure of the cooling systems, material shortages, electrical or other utility blackouts, brownouts, or other failures, acts of God, labor or materials shortages, strikes, malicious mischief, and fire, that the temperature may deviate from the desired range of temperatures and Occupant understands that heating and air conditioning systems and their power sources are not redundant. Further, the temperature in the building containing the Leased Space may vary from the temperature of the Leased Space. Occupant agrees to release Owner from any and all liability arising from any such failure of the heating and air conditioning systems which occur as a result of a failure outside of Owner's direct control.
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          We don't have anything in our lease about climate or temperature in the units. I just say we circulate the air above the units.
          Janice - Maxi-Space Storage and Business Solutions


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            The 2 locations that I run do not offer any climate/temperature controlled units!

            So there is that!
            Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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              Used to say climate controlled here till switched to temp control after getting good info here. I just tell all tenants that they are heated when the temp drops enough to kick on the heater and they are inside of a building out of the elements. Not air conditioned and no humidity control. People ask for climate control all the time and when I ask what they expect for that, most of the time they are very unsure of what to expect. It is an all encompassing term that goes along the notion that gets so many of us via advertising, "If the customer/tenant perceives it they will believe it".
              "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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                Because I do not have any temp/climate units
                I will always ask
                "why is it important to you?"

                They usually end up renting a unit with me

                Assume the rental/sale!!!

                Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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