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    Anyone want to help a newbie learn what are the most effective ways to market a storage facility? I have owned other businesses in the past but have not owned a storage facility and I am curious to know if there are any industry specific trends I should be aware of when trying to market my facility. I know online marketing is a big thing to focus on but what else have you all seen?

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    Hey Dee - I'm new to this business as well. In the past 6 months of business I've tried A LOT of things. Some work - some don't. Here's a small list of things that are FREE and I think are worth your time.

    Create a Facebook business page. Keep updated with content (once a week at minimum) and encourage customers to follow. Get involved in local neighborhood groups. Be creative! Get the extra credit and make an Instagram page while your at it.

    Create a "Google My Business" page. Verify your location. Add keywords, photos, and do a weekly post. If you want to take this a step further you can create a "webmaster tools" account for your website. This helps Google optimize your site. Lots of youtube videos on this. Google reviews are HUGE.

    Claim or add your business to Bing. Bing Webmaster tools can also be beneficial.

    MAKE SURE that all information on ALL platforms is identical regarding hours, address, business name, and phone numbers. This is so important and is a commonly made mistake. If you're listing "Joes Storage 555 Moving ROAD" don't make it "Joes Storage 555 Moving RD" on another listing. The difference between Road and Rd will be frowned upon by the search engines. Consistency is key.

    You can use for a FREE listing score. They will show you where mistakes may be hidden.

    A few more easy sites should include: (yellow pages) (these people are crazy BTW. They will hound you for money) - parking / storage

    The best luck I've had with PAID advertising has been with door hangers. I had our graphics guy draft them and Vista print had them on my door in 5 days. If you do this make sure you print your BEST deal or promotion on it. I have about $150 in design and $275 in the prints. We ordered 2500 hangers. As you know, most of your customers are 2-4 miles away in most cases.

    I could keep on typing but my coffee is getting cold!


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      A Facebook page is a great place to start! Post information about specials, your facility's amenities, and community events. Use the hashtags to direct people to your page, then boost the post! Also, check out Sparefoot and pay-per-click ads. Best of luck to you!
      Sean Landry, Owner
      Expert Storage Management LLC
      Self Storage Management and Consulting


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        Twitter has brought me 6 customers in 2 months, and it is a great way to link with local businesses to help leave an imprint on the community around you!


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          I'd suggest you create a Facebook group and add members (people who'd find storage pods helpful). Also, get your friends to add even more members. Make cool posts and promote your offers there


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