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  • New to the business

    Hello all!!

    I started in December as manager of a facility in Texas. Marketing is also a new concept to me which is part of my job. Can yall give me some marketing ideas? What works and doesn't work for you? Anything is appreciated!

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    The property I work now does not allow us to do any marketing. However, if you Google "Self Storage Marketing Ideas" You will get some really good Ideas. The last property I ran, I used very simple signage for specials on whatever units I needed filled. Other than that get really involved in community affairs. Good luck.


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      By the way, Where in Texas?


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        Welcome to the Forum! Signage is key, also networking with businesses, realtors, apt complexes, moving companies, home owner associations, etc can be very helpful. Just spend some time pounding the pavement to get the word our in your area. I leave little fliers at Apt's and local businesses. Also whenever you interact with a tenant, ask them for a Google review. That can be a huge help in building your reputation, and presence on the web. Best of Luck!!


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          Welcome! Also, if you have used Pinterest, try there for marketing ideas. Also, make sure you have a Yelp, a Facebook, a couple of Craigslist ads, and make sure your Google page is absolutely correct. Try everything!
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            I am no expert but I'd personally like to ask a question first, What are you trying to achieve of this Marketing?

            - To better promote your Storage Brand?
            - To attract more prospects to have better rental flow? Better Occupancy?


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              I'm in west Texas @ bighank


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                Whatever you end up doing, make sure you track all your results. This way, you are working with more than just a gut feel if something is working or not. The best way to do this is to start finding out where your prospects are finding out about you. You can do it the old fashion way by asking them, or there are more automated ways to do it, using computer software.


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