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Getting more commercial customers

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  • Getting more commercial customers

    Would appreciate your ideas for attracting more commercial clients to rent self-storage space. Thanks, in advance.

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    In the past I've sent letter (On letterhead) with a 'coupon' attached and a business card extolling our virtues. Open! for 6am-pm! Only 3 blocks from you for your convenience, we offer climate control etc. etc. Store your business records with us! Or something like that. It's something you can sit down and do yourself, use googlemaps and figure out what types of business you want to pinpoint. As many self storages as there are, getting the closest businesses for sheer convenience ~to them~ is your best bet. Or offer more cool things like accepting packages, letting them drop off packages for pick-up and things like that.
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      Business customers are often looking for some extra services, but what services they are looking for may depend on what type of business they are:
      - Contractors: larger units, interior lighting, outlets, large door for equipment, possibly a walk door for quick access. 24hr access
      - Web based reseller type people: Clean facility, pest control, climate control, accepting packages or mail may be beneficial.
      - Outside rep/salesperson: May prefer climate control, would like a meeting room to be available, should be a rest room on site

      Most business clients would also like a place with good lighting near main highways, with wifi and a restroom available to clients. Gated access and good cameras are typically also desired. The ability to run payment via credit card and send out receipts automatically is an expectation.


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        The thing that works for me is just pounding pavement. I go to local businesses (car dealerships, apt complexes, contractors, builders, realtors, moving companies, etc.) and drop off a few brochures and business cards. Offer First Full Month Free if they bring brochure with them. Also ask for referrals from current tenants, especially Pharmacy Reps and offer $30 off next months rent if they refer a new tenant. I was shocked at the number of referrals I get every month!


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          Thanks for your suggestions. Much appreciated.


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            Our former owner used TV ads to attract clients...would be interested in hearing if anyone has had any experience with this type of promotion.


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              Our Chamber of Commerce has an area on their website that you can advertise. It is free to put a coupon on there for Chamber Members.
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                Has anyone tried social media marketing and was it efficient for attracting commercial customers?


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                  Following this thread, the idea about flyers and coupons for pavement pounding is what we currently do. Along these lines I'm trying to convince management to let me redesign the flyer at we use so that its more seasonal. Does anyone have suggestions along these lines?


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