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    Hi All!

    Just a little background: I have been a manager for 5 years, and the facility has come a long way in 5 years. When I started I was an assistant manager for 6 months before being promoted to Manager. I have a customer service/retail background which has really proved its worth in this business. The last year has been difficult for our area. We are in an area that has been surrounded with all of the California wild fires, so our economy and our housing market has definitely changed during that time. Specifically in the last 6-8 months, I have noticed my occupancy slowing slipping, which has never happened in my 5 years. Of course there is always slight fluctuation, but we have gone from 96% in December 2017, to 88% currently. We have had a lot of long term tenants and residents moving out of the area/out of state, due to the sky rocketing housing costs, but other than that we have just had less move ins. The people moving in are mostly new to the area, moving here from the bay area, but a good amount are also local residents.Our move outs are very similar to our move outs at the end of the year last year, but we have 30-40 less move ins.Currently we are running some really good promotions to entice people, but the problem is lack of people interested. We are not in a good location which adds to the problem. So I am trying to come up with ways to be seen.

    We have our online presence and SEO taken care of, so I want to focus my time and energy on in-person, hit the pavement type marketing. I normally market at large events locally, and certain times of year. We also belong to the local chamber of commerce and I try to attend their events multiple times per year. But i really want to get out there and focus on local businesses, and a few new apartment/condo complexes that are currently being built. So I am looking for your best marking ideas for local businesses, such as: realtors, restaurants, hair salons, etc. Our town is about 10,000 people, so I frequent a lot of the local businesses on a regular basis, but I want to go beyond the basic "Here's a flyer."

    So please give me your tried and true, best/most creative marketing ideas that have proven to be worth the time and effort.

    I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this post.

    Have a great New Year!

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    I can assure you that the "skyrocketing housing costs" have a small amount to do with why you have people leaving out of the state of California. There are way more items in the list that have contributed greatly to the state's demise in the population. If you want to take a chance of me really opening up on the forum about that, then respond back to this thread. If you are afraid of what I might say then PM me.
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      One major problem you mentioned is "We are not in a good location."

      New people moving in may have a hard time even knowing you exist. If they can't readily see your facility, SEO is critical. So is what you say on your website.

      The best suggestion I know is a Business to Business Employee marketing.

      The key principal is being known by at least one person in a lot of groups. "Who would you suggest for ..." is asked where people work, associate, churches, etc.

      Rather than visiting other nearby businesses and trying to get THE BUSINESS to use your storage, get known to their employees. You have just gone from contacting ONE potential renter to that renter and all of their employees.

      Introduce you business to them and get to know what they do. Talk to the manager and/or owner. Find out how business is and how long they have been in business.

      You need to be The business down the street who will send them customers also. Take their name and business cards. Give them yours with a discount offer to all of their employees. (A free lock, rent discount, etc.) All they have to do is present your card to get the discount. Just print the discount offer on a label and put it on the back of the business card.

      Visit often and remember their name.

      For bigger companies, ask if they allow advertising in their publications. It can be super cheap.

      Be sure and start with every business within a mile first.

      Ask if they know where you are. You will be amazed how many people have no clue where you are. To a degree they will be embarrassed if they don't even know.

      Then go to the two mile distance. Visit mid sized businesses first, large, second, and small third.

      I wish you well.


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        Originally posted by pacnwstorage View Post
        I can assure you that the "skyrocketing housing costs" have a small amount to do with why you have people leaving out of the state of California. There are way more items in the list that have contributed greatly to the state's demise in the population. If you want to take a chance of me really opening up on the forum about that, then respond back to this thread. If you are afraid of what I might say then PM me.
        Yeah there isnt enough time in the day to talk about why people are leaving cali, I cant figure out why the stay...


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          I can think of at least 10 other reasons just off the top of my head. I notice I never got a response from the OP for either details here or at a PM so maybe they just don't want to hear it. Oh well.
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            We have heart shaped stickers that say " We love referrals, $50 Each!" I attach that sticker to a business card and hand one to all the employees I can see between the door and the counter. Asking them if they could use $50 today? Then give a quick explanation of how it works. I then ask for the manager and will attempt to shoot the breeze with them- ask them how their day is going, talk about the weather- etc..Introduce myself and give them a litter bag with some candy, a letter opener, a pen and a brochure. Most of the time they are open to discussion.However: If they are busy I just try to get in and out as quickly as possible. The last thing I want them to remember was that I was annoying. I think its good to get the business name out there and leave people with a positive idea of who we are. If I'm honest? Between this job and my previous storage experience I can count on one finger the number of rentals I have had as a result of in person marketing. We get more referrals from word of mouth, previous tenants.
            Some places you may consider that are directly linked to people in transition that would need storage: Local base or military family services office, real estate and property management companies, moving companies, college campus student centers.Apartment complexes- the managers love it when I bring them extra pens and letter openers!
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              I do the same thing-I think it's a wash, frankly. I took all of the apartment managers a Starbucks goodie bag with an assortment of pastries in them. I've done this before at different facilities-including cold mailing and cold faxing. You might try medical offices in your radius-I mail brochures and a letter stating we can help them with their records in our secure storage area.
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