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    Anyone ever donate to a local charity/event? A friend of mine is helping put together an event for one of our local private schools that her kids go to, and has been asking for donations to either Auction or Raffle. I already donated something I handmade as a personal donation but was thinking I could give something from my Storage business, as I thought it might make good advertising. However my boss doesn't think it would be a good idea as not everyone is looking for a storage units. (I was thinking a gift basket with lock, packing tape, sharpies, and a gift certificate for 3 months free rent). What are your guys' thoughts/experiences?

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    I agree with the boss. Doubt that it does any good with facility advertising. A dinner for two in your name would be the feel good thing to do. Think of it this way, how many private school kids have parents that need storage. If they got money to send a kid or two to private school they likely have money to afford a big enough domain to hold all their goodies.
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      Storage units as silent auction gifts usually don't sell, I have tried several times. Storage is one of those things you get when you need it. Now if you want to give away locks as door prizes I have done that.

      I also give units away to several none profit's I also donate to some as well.


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        If you wanted to ask the boss if he will donate a gift card to a local restaurant or grocery store FROM the facility.
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          For the the Chamber of Commerce or local event give a ways we buy a bottle of wine and put it in a nice basket surrounded by our company's give a ways. Pens, note pads, $1 move in special card, calendar, etc. Then get one of those clear bags you can wrap stuff in ( or those cool balloon things ) and give it to the organization. I also write a nice note on stationary thanking them for attending XX event and that we were glad to help out and donate this bottle of wine and storage items.

          Lady5563 had a great idea on the gift card. Maybe you could put a $25.00 gift certificate to your store as well.
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