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What makes YOU go to a particular store or place of business to buy "X"?

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  • Iamkathleenj
    For me, with the wealth of information out there I go on-line. I call around. Then I narrow the search. I don't go to anyone who was short or nasty to me on the phone. If I am spending my hard earned $ money I would like to feel wanted. I will spend more $ for someone to be nice to me instead of rude. I look at coupons on receipts & placemats but I rarely see something that I want/need. I can't tell you if I ever have hired someone from those so they get placed in the circular file.

    We like to get our name out there. I am a member of the Chamber of Commerce and have recently become an Ambassador. I go to alot of the ribbon cuttings, business after hours and events and make sure that I talk to everyone that I can. Next Wednesday is the Membership Rally and I am excited to meet new members. If I need something I go to the member directory. I read reviews.

    We are right across the street from the local park. There is often things going on there so we set up a table and pass out information and promotional items. I agree, the more times the community sees me and our tent I figure they will remember us easier. When they need storage or someone they know does they will remember us.

    We are not the largest storage facility in the area. We are also not the one right next door that has the largest advertising budget but we are the ones that will treat you nicely & with respect and that you will see at local events and helping out the community / city / county.

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  • pacnwstorage
    I am still convinced that the best way to find and reach out and keep a self storage customer, in this day and age, is to have the most secure facility and make any possible customer aware of that and what you do to ensure that. The tenant finds a facility to store their VALUABLES and PAYS RENT for that privilege and wants to know that they are safe and secure and don't have to add that to all the other things they worry about daily. A clean facility in great shape reflects that mentality immediately because it can be seen quickly and they start to assume that security follows with that. Then you show what they assume. SECURITY. With the number of thieves and drunks and druggies and scam artists out in today's society the tenant/customer wants peace of mind. I rent to a lot of college kids and the repeat business each year always brings comments by the student and parents that they feel the safest at this facility compared to all others in the entire metro area. The manager still has to deliver on promises and the price has to be fair and the signage needs to be in the right place and the web site needs to be up to date but I feel very strongly about word of mouth and repeat tenants. I have several tenants that rented here and then they moved their belongings here from other facilities they were already at.

    I don't use move in specials. Don't need to. I guess I have to say that the facility speaks for itself.

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  • What makes YOU go to a particular store or place of business to buy "X"?

    We all try to figure out the best place (or mode) of advertising our facilities. We know we are the best there is out there in our community - we have the most knowledge because we are on this forum, we have the experience and if we don't we can find someone quickly who does. We know where we can get the odd and the mundane questions answered too.

    But where oh WHERE do you need to go, or contact or publish or or or to advertise and get the word out there that you exist? Drive by - well that's a given - IF your facility is on a main road - if it's not can you put signage out on the road without it disappearing or getting fined? Should you do a poem leading up to your property like the old shaving signs? IS your facility looking as good as it should for a magazine cover? IF not, then can you get it fixed so it does?
    Where did you go to purchase your latest "X". Was it an ad you saw in the paper, heard on the radio, saw on a truck going by, drove by the business/shopping center, heard from a friend, or searched on the internet for the item? I'm not speaking of groceries, but for instance - tires for your vehicle. Or a new refrigerator or a snow blower?
    That's how you advertise - where would YOU look to find something you needed or wanted - do you check the back of your grocery receipt for ads or just throw out the receipt when you've finished logging it in? Do you identify with local businesses and help them build business and hope that they would do the same for you? Where do you frequent and what type of ads do you see? A placemat in a restaurant or tabletop - people look at these while they are waiting for their food.
    On average it takes a person between 3 and 5 looks of your name to be able to remember it and another 2-3 to realize where you are and what you do.
    Just some points to ponder.

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