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Old topic refreshed - Marketing Giveaways

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  • Old topic refreshed - Marketing Giveaways

    Facility I'm managing will soon be re-named/re-branded. I'm looking for some items that appeal to people that they re-use or share on an almost constant basis. Ideas I came up with are some of the following. Share with me your ideas please. Everyone gives away pens.
    Here's a question - have you ever contacted or purchased from someone whom you found merely on a pen? Not referred by someone - you just happened across a pen and decided to call the company?

    I go back to a previous comment I made and some observations I've made. I'm trying to find items that are for a more specific but broad audience. Pet owners, parents, Millennials, older folks who are downsizing so something to help consolidate their "stuff" like a business card holder.

    Calendars are always nice but most people now have a smart phone and keep their schedule on that. Pens are a good giveaway but see above. What item have you received that you wanted to get more of an share with others? Northern folk - an ice scraper; Sunshine people - a personal collapsible fan or sunglasses.

    Just some thoughts and Hope you feel like sharing as well.
    Tall Terri

    The customer's fantasy doesn't always match with reality!

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    Hey Tall Terri

    One thing i have seen that can work well for people are plastic cups.

    I was at a friends house having a glass of water and was using a cup from "Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken". At the time I had never heard of them, but after seeing the cup I looked them up and went and tried their chicken within the week.


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      Tall Terri I was looking through the some posts yesterday to get similar ideas. I am trying to figure out the same thing and what has worked.

      Going on the promo websites I see niche things like pill compartments ( good for nursing homes, pharmacies or MD offices ) but nothing for storage. I will get heat for this one but I think a key chain with our name on it is a good idea. I know, I know. If it gets lost or stolen then the one who found it might make their way to the storage facility. Still think it is a good idea. I'd put it in my car's glove box so if I needed it I would have it but not on my car's keychain.

      I can only answer for me personally...No, I have not contacted anyone from a pen but so many customers like how these pens write. They aren't really expensive but everyone likes having an extra pen so we get them. I am not a fan of stress balls. I don't like clutter so that goes right in the circular file, or the grandkid or the dog gets it. You are right about calendars - we all have phones.

      What I have been doing for business marketing is going to Dollar Tree and getting those small cellophane bags (or Amazon). Filling them with business & referral cards, holiday candy, hot chocolate packet (in winter), logo'd post it notes, whatever I have left over from community evens and dropping them off. Candy and snacks are appreciated more although our logo'd bag doesn't stay around long. People ask me "All this is for me???" I did that a couple weeks ago and already have a rental and another one coming in. I went to campgrounds. People in RV's don't have much space but they need a little extra. That is where my 5x5's come in.

      We are in FL so I found small packets of SPF 30 sun block. We have those cardboard fans on a stick to wave. They help out at outdoor summer events.

      I am not sure I helped you with any ideas but I am interested in what others are doing too.
      The future depends on what you do in the present.


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        One thing to consider with pens and marketing material is the goal is the get people to know your business name. So it is not important weather or not someone rents a unit because they saw my name on a pen.

        What is important that they remember the name CR Area Storage. So when that time comes that they need storage they think of the name they have seen around.

        Repetition Repetition Repetition. So they see your vehicles driving around town, they see your signs when they happen by, they see your name on t shirts, pens, calendars, shopping bags. etc

        The idea is to have your name out there frequently so when that person finally does need storage they call your number and not the guy across the street.

        So to answer the question

        I use Stylus pens (plastic cheap) these are my general give away
        I use the flash light and stylus fancy pen I linked yesterday in the other thread.
        I send wall calendars to all my customers every year, I also donate some for gift baskets for area causes Some charity groups give gifts to veterans groups or senior citizens.
        I also have magnetic flashlights that they can stick on the wall of the units. These I sell for slightly above my cost. They are similar to what you might find at a truck stop. I used to sell some from chateau, these work better and have my info on them.

        I have not purchased these yet, but they will be the next thing I try

        We also have logoed hats and shirts and things too, I don't typically give those away.


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          I can't say that I would feel one storage facility is good because I found a pen. If, and I mean IF, I thought about it, I might conclude that spending money on pens might mean they need to charge more just to cover advertising pens.


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            Keychain Flashlights. That's my 2 cents on the matter. They can come in real handy both inside the storage unit or trying to unlock said storage unit. Plus you can never have too many flashlights


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              We give away pens, really cool envelope openers that have our info, insulated cups, a small insulated lunch bag and a regular mug.
              90% of what you're stressing about now won't even be relevant in a year. Breathe easy. ~Wesley Snipes

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                You're confusing marketing with advertising.

                Advertising is trying to get your phone to ring and sell something

                Marketing is getting your name/logo/color scheme out to the public.
                - When I say "golden arches" you think of McDonald's, thats marketing
                - When I say "dollar meal" thats advertising

                Pens are GREAT because everyone takes them from the office and then they take them from each other. The first thing they do when they "get" a "new" pen is read it and then check how it writes. If its a crappy writing pen they toss it. If they write better than the average pen they will keep it, look for more and odds are good someone will take it from them. All those people will read your name and it will be in their heads forever especially if its a decent pen.
                Cheap pens send the message that the company is cheap and that is not a message you want to send to anyone....
                On the other hand pens can get really expensive if your giving them away so choose carefully. Most companies will send free samples so you can handle them and test how they write.

                We also give away American flag key chains. Flag on the front and our name/phone number on the back with white space for them to write on. They usually write the unit number, or something like "keys for cabin"

                I love marketing and advertising


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