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  • Banners - Yay or Nay

    Recently we are trying to shift our focus to gaining rentals. We want occupancy, one of the things that a few of the Managers are wanting are banners. Personally, I don't know how I feel about them. I don't see a lot of results from hanging a banner on the fence but I also don't work inside a storage facility. I sit in the home office and do other things. So my questions to you, my fellow self-storage peers are:

    Banners - Are they worth the time? Do they work?


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    Unless you are announcing a grand opening, a special price, or change in management - OR if you have no other signage, banners usually do not work.
    Tall Terri

    The customer's fantasy doesn't always match with reality!


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      What would you say that they would want to read? A discount for a limited time might work.

      in twelve words or less, tell them something you offer but others don't.


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        I can't speak to the effectiveness of banners specifically, but we have a small sidewalk a-frame sign by our enterance. It says "We Sell Boxes & Moving Supplies". The road is 45mph, and this little sign gets a lot of attention. We have lots of people (non-tenants) that come in after seeing the sign (as they say). We do have a large banner advertising our units (less than 10 words) on our fence not too far away. Not sure if we gain business or not, but the banner was less than $100 bucks so not much to lose. Make sure your city or town allows banners.


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          We have a very large banner/sign attached at the back fence of the facility. A major highway runs parallel and literally thousands of people can easily see the sign. I have had a few tell me over the last 5 years that they saw the sign. We are in an upscale neighborhood so the signage at the entrance gate is small compared to this sign at the back of the facility. It works for us. I would bet that I would have more tell me about the big sign if I asked more.
          "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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            I think banners work and are not that costly. Like previously said check with city or county for any regulations.
            Dave (Woodee) Scott


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              I'm like you I go back and forth on the idea of banners! So far we are not using them. We are 100% full on the inside units and 87.3% on the outside parking.


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                We just spent about 5 grand roughly on banners for 4 different sites. Only one has theirs up yet as the others just got ordered. The one that has them up on a good month usually has around 25-30 rentals. So far as of yesterday they have 35 rentals for this month. If you have a location on a busy street and the banners relay the right information I think they can be useful. This specific site is on a 6 lane road in Vegas, high foot traffic area, laundromat/salon as our office tenants so they get a lot of customers coming and going and apartments all up and down the road from it so the signs get a LOT of views each day.


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                  It all depends on your site, one of our sites, banners rarely work, and other sites it drives A LOT of traffic. I would suggest keeping the banner simple and color it to pop so that it's hard to miss (Black lettering, yellow background). Don't forget that you need to see if your city allows the banners and if they have requirements and/or fee for permits. Make sure that your employees can easily put up and take down banner(s) so that you don't have to call a company out, but make sure that it will be out of reach of passer by's who may, shall I put it, add their own special art to your banner. If you decide to move forward with banners, they can be expensive and a pain to maintain. In the past we use to buy 4x8 banners and spend well over $200 making the endeavor an expensive one. I would highly suggest, their banners are inexpensive, decent quality, and hold up Ok, the only downside is that you have to design the banner yourself...but other than that we love them.



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                    Flag banners also work


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                      We are not allowed to have flags (city code) or banners (we are maxed out on signage) but I just ordered a sandwich board to put outside near the busy street. Yes, I know that is considered signage but I am hoping I don't get caught. I take it in every night and I just hope the code enforcement workers don't notice it.

                      30 minutes after putting the banner out I got a rental. She was heading to the competition next door and decided to come check us out instead.
                      The future depends on what you do in the present.


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                        Thanks so much for all the feedback! I am definitely going to be looking into suggestions made here. Happy Friday Guys!


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