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    Good Evening!!
    I am interested in making a cell phone app for marketing, payments, and general rental info. Does anyone have and suggestions or online sites you have created one on?

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    Try QuikStor. Great things in the pipeline.
    Joe Krezdorn
    DAK Self Storage
    Leesport, PA 19533


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      Unfortunately creating an "app" costs millions of dollars. Of course you could create a basic app for tens of thousands - hundreds of thousands of dollars that would fit your needs for just your use, but I'm just not sure what you're looking to accomplish with the app is available on any sort of DIY built-it-yourself app platform.

      What you are looking for is some pretty serious integration, and so your best bet is to look at one of the big providers for your facility. These big software guys have invested the millions into their platforms, and although from what I found none of them are perfect (they all have their pluses and minuses), you'll at least get what you are looking for.

      Hope that helps!


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        PTI has an app (if your using their security system) where customers can have their access code and be able to make payments.

        The App is somewhat customizable to match your facility or company color scheme. It is called EasyCode

        Spider Door ( a new comer to the storage industry ) also provides an app (with their products of course ), but you the customer can also move in and schedule a move out with it. There may be other features, but I am not 100% sure.

        As far an app just for your facility or company, you may want to look into freelance designers. has talented people who do work like coding, art and app development as a side gig or hobby. So the cost would be much much less.

        There are options out there.

        Best of luck to you.


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