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    What are some of your strategies to encouraging customers to leave your business a positive online review?
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage
    [email protected]


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    Ask every tenant. Most do not. A few will
    Joe Krezdorn
    DAK Self Storage
    Leesport, PA 19533


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      As you can guess, I never ask for one. The word of mouth speaks for itself. I get lots of referrals.
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        We are supposed to ask everyone. We have a poster in the facility and now we have a website where we plug in a name and cell number to request reviews.
        Tall Terri

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          I have a template I use, every time someone moves out I will send them an email request for review.For obvious reasons I do not send this request to any one who has moved out for negative reasons or who had a bad attitude with us. Here is the template, just change names for each person as needed:

          Hi Judy,

          Your recently rented a storage unit with us, and we wanted to thank you for trusting us to store your valuables. It was our pleasure helping you, and we hope if you need storage again you’ll come back and see us! Please remember we give $50 referrals, so send a friend and earn some extra cash!
          We’d like to ask you how your stay with us was, and would you mind taking a minute to give an honest review of our store and staff?
          Reviews help our business build an online presence and helps others learn about us. We value your opinion!

          You can click this Google link to leave us a review on Google:

          Thank you so much for taking time out of your day, we appreciate you!

          Best regards,

          Wendy Carlson
          Silverdale Self Storage
          You Laugh, I laugh. You cry, I cry. You take my coffee...may God have mercy on your soul....


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            I to send a thank you email at the time of the move-out.
            In the email, I have the link to follow the tenant to our website and ask that they leave a review.
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              After move out is NOT the optimal time to ask for a review. If I were to send out an e-mail asking for a review I would do it within a day or two after they move in. The day of move in may be to hectic or stressful for them to take the time to write a review. Generally you have just had the most interaction, conversation, and time spent with the tenant during the move in process. They're excited, you're new to them, and if they're getting the request from you chances are they had a very good interaction with you as well. After the newness of move in has worn off your interactions with them are minimal and are usually enforcing rules or collecting rent.

              Pay attention to the tenant. What are they saying? What are they wearing - (sports fans shirt, company logos, band shirt, travel destination shirt)? What do they like? Why are they moving? Use this information to your advantage. Don't just send out a generic "Thank you for storing with us - here's the web address to leave us a review". Be customer specific and mention things in your review request letter that show that you listen and are paying attention. Complements go a long way too. Are they storing a car that they're really proud of? Mention it, complement it, and thank them for trusting you to keep it safe. It's SO EASY to ignore a generic email. Make it personal!

              Look at the e-mail address. If its you have an even better chance of getting that GOOGLE review. Just my 2cents.... back to work I go.
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                I have 2 formats ... 1. When ppl move out, I have a request for a review that goes to our website. That is one that we can approve before we post. It is apart of our move out confirmation e-mails and texts. 2. When people pay their rent I ask for a review. In my SEO research, I learned that Google and Bing are the 2 most used search engines the more organic (reviews) to your location the higher you rank. Google will only allow those with g-mail to post a review. Bing uses Yelp for its reviews. (I've heard that Yelp will only post the 3 most negative reviews unless you join them [like Angie's list]. Customers that have a gmail I ask them to give me a google review and then send them a link either by text or email. In the past 6 months of actively asking for reviews, I have received 9 reviews and 1 rental made reference to the positive reviews.


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                  something else, When is the best time to ask for a review? When the customer is happy? If they give me a compliment, I ask for a review. I do need to 'target' my auto pay people... Maybe next month. ...

                  either way ... Reviews on Google gives your Organic hits that Google sees as credibility. Joining different sites where you leave your website, helps give you similar organic credibility.


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                    I've created a custom email footer with review links to 4 major platforms including our website. This allows people to choose if they'd like to leave a review or not and on which platform. Its the ask without it being in their face, we've been getting a lot more reviews since adding this to emails, in my opinion, the in your face ask without the literally ask works. But of course the literal ask is by far the best method, if you don't ask for it you won't get it.


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                      I like that DNolting to personalize the email. I make a note in the customers computer file that they had a baby in May and it was a little girl named Jane, or a hip replacement, or 1st flight on a plane to California so when I am looking them up I can check notes and ask them about whatever. I never thought about doing it when asking for a review!
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