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  • Using current trends for marketing

    Anyone else like to tie in current trends with their online ads? Been seeing a lot about this "area 51 raid" joke that's been going on so figured we would have some fun with it.

    area 51.JPG

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    That's perfect!!!


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      "Federal Vacation" , bwahahahahaha! That's amazing!
      When I had all of my ducks in a row-I realized that most of them were not even mine!

      WA State


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        Love it!
        Gina 6k
        VM: Four-Oh-Eight- Seven-Eight-Oh-Eight-Oh-Seven-Nine
        [email protected]

        You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!
        I am not an attorney, just an experienced manager who is willing to share what I have learned. Your thoughts, practices or opinions may vary and neither of us may be right.


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          What a fun idea! Love the visual


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            This is awesome! What other pop-culture references could be incorporated into a promo or marketing campaign?
            Amy Campbell
            Inside Self-Storage
            [email protected]



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              Little late now since the movie hype has come and gone but I could picture a marvel themed one *although you'd be infringing on licenses etc.* where it would say "for the items you can't just "snap" away, store them with us".


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                Hi, I'm new here...from North Alabama. Just bought a facility last month. I'd like to put out some FB ads. Can you guys send me links to what yours look like and can we start a conversation about what works and what doesn't.


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                  Welcome [email protected] - Every market is different to be honest, what works in some places wont work elsewhere. Making FB posts on your sites facebook page is fine, especially as you build it up with more likes/followers. Join some local groups for your area and post in those. In my experience don't bother with any paid facebook ads, throwing money down the drain. Also make sure you use the other free options to post such as craigslist, make sure your google/yelp listing are claimed and updated properly.

                  As far as what "works" for ads themselves i'm a firm believer in less is more and humor is great. It doesn't always have to be an "ad" that you post, sometimes just share local events in your area, or random posts. For xmas time we were making elf on the shelf posts with the toy doing various tasks at our property, as flowers bloomed on property we'd post nice pictures of the roses etc..


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