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  • Customer Satisfaction Email Survey

    We are looking into employing a customer satisfation email survey, much like you recieve after you check out of a hotel. Does anyone have any success stories with this or know of a program that can generate these?

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    We have it as an option to email tenants while processing their move out in SiteLink. Before I send the email, I also type "Please rate us on Google too". Out of every 10 I send out, 1 or 2 may actually complete the survey. We can go back and check them, but our GM gets the email with the results. I enjoy using it and it's mostly positive feedback. If they are a nasty tenant, that more than likely stayed in trouble for breaking property rules, I won't send it to them.


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      The only review I am ever going to worry about is when I talk to "The Big Man" at the "Pearly Gates".
      "Never let the inmates run the asylum!"


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        I guess before you spend the time and effort to create/set-up/implement such a program - what is the goal? Do you want this for Google to raise your exposure or is this for internal company only?

        If your just seeing if you could do better or looking for ways to improve - just secret shop your competition and see what they are doing.

        If this is for Google, be careful, tenants (and non-tenants) can already post and a few bad posts can really bring down your rating - even if you did everything right and followed the letter of the lease. A pissed tenant can leave a horrible review, that will stay - your only recourse is a response or ask them to change it.

        We take the semi-passive approach, ask the new move-in's, especially if it went well and tenant's that were not problems when they move-out. It of course skews the results but we do not tell them what to say, so it is honestly how they felt. This seems to work well for us since more and more people check reviews before they step in the door.

        If we have an issue or problem - internally, we discuss how we could have done better or what actions we could have taken to mitigate the problem and try to apply those in the future.


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