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    I'm thinking about allocating some of my marketing budget towards some type of print advertising in an effort to increase our visibility towards the demographic that is not always on the internet or mobile devices. I pulled way back on my Yelp budget, so have some funds to use. That's for another discussion. Has anybody had luck recently with a type of print advertising? It's old school and most of us have evolved past it, but we do see a certain amount of customers who do not like to use the internet, smart phones, email, etc. I think it could be effective and I still think it's important to diversify a marketing budget. Can't have all of our eggs in one basket.

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    I have not heard of any success stories with print or Yelp. Doesn't mean it can't happen, but I talk with a lot of storage owners in addition to owning one.

    If you are looking for something non-internet I'd suggest a referral program with local realtors or truck rental companies that don't have their own storage units. Also reserve some marketing funds for all those local groups that come with their hand out - sponsor local sports teams, the cub scouts, the lions clubs etc.

    But Google and FB ads are where its at. Even my 70 something parents and inlaws use that stuff.



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      I agree with Steve a dollar spent on Yelp is a dollar wasted. We haven't had any good returns on print advertising either


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        Have you looked at your website traffic analytics (I recommend Google Analytics) to see where people are discovering your website and how they land on it? We get almost no traffic from Yelp or FB really, but a lot from Google Maps as our analytics show. The google maps thing was surprising to us. We also tend to be discovered using certain keywords and organic search not by brand name.

        All that said, referral programs seem to be what everyone suggests. Having small postcards that you can hand to your customers when they stop by that they can in turn give to their friends and get $25 off if that friend rents seems to be a very popular one.

        Would also depend on where you are located and what the demographics of your area are. It could be that the majority of the people in your area ARE actually younger and more tech bent, so a paper thing would be a waste. Or it could be you are missing out on the largest market segment in your area. Always start with the data.


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          We do banners at some facilities, and it seems to help get more foot traffic. MIght also be worth looking into sponsoring a local sport ball team or school club. That would put your in people's minds for college storage and you aren't completely digital . Just my thoughts

          Best of luck!


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            Thanks for the replies everyone. I've been working on the referral program and reaching out to local realtors, uhaul dealers, etc. etc. No response as of yet, but will keep at it.


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              It really depends on your demographic area.

              Asking real estate offices to hand out your flyers could be really good.
              Putting door hangers on higher end apt complexes could really pay off
              Personally I think putting the money into improving your website will get you the most bang for your buck
              And always keep up with google anylitics, that info is priceless IF you learn how to use it!!


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