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New Storage Facility Status update Month 4 from Opening

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    47% full on Phase 1. June and July have been slow months, prior to that our rentals were moving pretty good. Taking a step back now that we have 100 customers and evaluating where they are from. We are on the farthest edge possible for our city on a state border. Across the river is the larger city. Our plans were to pull from that side of the river. The other city is older with a lot of housing, very little storage or nor a place to build storage other than Climate Controlled and multi story. Thus our Drive up units and lower pricing will compete easily. Analyzing the data based on zip code, only about 8% of our customers are coming from across the river. The communities across the river are diverse; Spanish, older Italian and downtown metropolitan.

    Plan to take two new approaches.

    A. SEO on internet will focus on the 4 zip codes I have provided. He said he can isolate on zip code. He will put a plan together and see what if any added cost or approaches are needed.

    B. Bus Benches- we are currently doing two bus benches in our city. I like the cost and effectiveness. Have identified 10 locations in the bigger city in those neighborhoods. Waiting on a quote for doing all 10 on an annual basis. Luckily a lot of great locations are available, and Self Storage fits well as a product for this mode of advertising. See separate post on Bus Bench Advertising.




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