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    Clarkstoragellc man totally appreciate this. Can't thank you enough. Glad to hear the Sparefoot recommended issue. I couldn't quite figure out their algo for locating certain facilities at the top and looks like I'll just have to work through it. I have a call with Sparefoot next week and hopefully will get more info.


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      Originally posted by PeterL View Post
      Clarkstoragellc man totally appreciate this. Can't thank you enough. Glad to hear the Sparefoot recommended issue. I couldn't quite figure out their algo for locating certain facilities at the top and looks like I'll just have to work through it. I have a call with Sparefoot next week and hopefully will get more info.
      Just don't be surprised when they say, 'Pay more to get higher results.'
      "Carpe the HECK out of this diem."
      WA state


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        Originally posted by KrisinWA View Post

        Just don't be surprised when they say, 'Pay more to get higher results.'
        Haha yeh I'm fully expecting some level of extortion.


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          On Sparefoot, you can actually pay to be number one on the "Recommended" listing. Keep in mind you could be number one on the 3 other listings, lowest price, reviews and distance. Your lowest bid is 1.5 months rent. This is how much you pay if you get a rental tenant from them. They have a report which you can pull up to compare against your competitors and it will show you the bid to be at the top. I have seen it as high as 4.8 months rent to be listed as the number one "Recommended". This doesn't make it financially viable, since I could offer 4 months free rent to customers and get a faster response and higher acceptance rate directly with customers. The sparefoot team will actually tell you not to pay the extra premium to be number one. Its not worth it. They did not know how this is calculated.


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            Update to the marketing. I talked with Sparefoot and I asked how do I increase our ranking and they said it's common to pay more of a commission. We are already at 1.5mo rent and they said if we go to 3-4 mo it will help a lot. My eyeballs fell out of my head.

            Anyways, we aren't up to speed yet but things are vastly improved over the last month or two.

            Website got revamped, switching from Storage Commander to Storedge (much easier to keep track of leads and program follow ups), and because a couple employees got sick, I've been manning the desk and getting a better feel of what works. I'm new at all this but a lot of it is positive Google/ Yelp reviews + good pricing. Once they call or send messages, I get back to them very quickly and establish some level of human connection (joke w them, say something nonsensical to catch their attention, plus I like chatting w people) so hopefully they feel more compelled to lease with us over the competition.

            I noticed it's to the point where a LOT of customers dictate that they want to talk with a guy who was just pinch hitting (he ran his own construction business before he retired so he is an excellent communicator) or me. I'm thinking if our capture rate continues like this, our existing units will get leased up pretty soon.

            I also noticed previously we were only getting maybe 20-25% of customers contacting us to move in which was way too low.


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              On a side note, I was contacted by Sparefoot to get access to manage our Google My Business listing. Wondering is there any downside to this? I was curious whether leads that might organically get directed to us by Google would now get captured by Sparefoot and we get stuck paying a commission for leads that wouldve gone to us anyways. Any thoughts?


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                On sparefoot where do you rank for the following, use your zipcode:

                Recommended- I can show you how. a. Number of size offerings- check your locations and then check the competitors above you and count their number of sizes., b. Get your Rentals versus Reservation rate % up. See your MySparefoot report %. You can't see competitors, but work to get yours up.
                Distance- Can't impact this one.
                Price- I can show you how.
                Reviews- Look at the top location. How many reviews do they have? Where are you at? Now, look at your current customers and past customers. PUll their emails from your system. Using the Sparefoot, review request, send out a review request to them. Add positive comments to them.

                If you moved to Storedge, ask them about their SEO support and see if cost/benefit are worth it to you. Recommend you move to them, versus if your using someone in house.


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                  Clarkstoragellc just looked and looks like we arent in there yet or we are way down the list of 112 listings. Contacted support and complained and will see where we show up.


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                    Also BTW I thought Storage Commander was totally fine as a platform (I liked the EOD reports function) but considering we were in lease up mode we had to make the switch. I think if our facility was more stabilized we would probably stay (it has been a lot of headache migrating over to the new system).


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                      In Sparefoot, type in Omaha. Look at the second top Recommended out of 117 locations. That's us. We have only been open since last February, 2020. Why aren't we at number one? Because I'm concentrating on building out our new location, versus working on Sparefoot in the middle of winter, when there are few new rentals. Look at the names on the location names on the list and you will recognize a lot of National and Regional names. Same competition as you, just a different town.

                      My point is you have a choice of being number one or at least a high rank on Recommended.

                      Your two major impacts to your ranking are:

                      A. Number of different unit sizes.- If your major competitor has 20 sizes (you can count these on sparefoot), you want to have 21. Action- immediately. In the next 30 minutes you should have more than your competitor.

                      B. Rentals as a percent of reservations percentage. If your major competitor has 35% (you can't see this), then you want 36%. Remember this is a Numerator over a Denominator. You attack both.
                      Numerator- increase your rentals. Return calls back on Reservations as fast as possible. At month end when you reconcile your Sparefoot statement, call all of the non-renters. Let them know you are trying to improve your service and ask what you could do differently to get their business in the future. Most won't talk to you, but the ones that do are gold. If your still not at the top, contact me and I will show you how to get more Reservations to turn into rentals. Action- will take about 3 months of consistent work on your part.
                      Denominator- Sparefoot will add that customer if they are just breathing. Have them take them off or ask the customer to take them off. I will call because they have a reservation to find they made several reservations, or they were just checking availability and prices with Sparefoot. Not a valid reservation. Ask them or Sparefoot to cancel the reservation. Action- immediately.

                      Reviews is easy- you should be at the top in 2 weeks.
                      Price- you should be at the top in 30 minutes. Be careful, there is a nuance to this one.
                      Distance- you can't impact.

                      If you don't use Sparefoot; are near full; and hardly anyone in you town/city uses Sparefoot; Then join Sparefoot, and raise your rents by $10 for each size.
                      You will be the top Storage location in your town immediately on the internet. The majority of all renters look online to find a Storage unit. I know of two cities of about 200,000 people where hardly no one uses Sparefoot.

                      Now logic kicks in.
                      You don't want to give up 1.5 months rent, the minimum to get the next customer, your at 95% full. Example: 1.5 months of rent on a $100 rental. You pay Sparefoot $150. Customer might stay there 1 month, 1 year or 5 years. You don't know. If you do 50 new rentals in a year, that could be $7,500 per year.

                      You have a 200 unit location. 95% full or 190 units. You raised the rent $10 for each. That's 190 units, times $10 or $1,900 per month. Times 12 months = $22,800.

                      By being on Sparefoot you take the pressure off loosing customers when you raise the rent $10 for all of them. Once your occupancy stabilizes you just turn the units off in Sparefoot, takes about 1 minute.


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