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    What's the best review you've ever received from a customer?
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage
    [email protected]


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    I have a few and they go like this>>>>>

    ***Penny is a pleasure to work with. She helped us renting U-Hauls and our storage units. She is amazing and will do anything to help you!

    ***I love Columbia storage . Penny is such a wonderful person. This is my second time renting here and it’s been awesome. Thanks penny

    ***Penny is wonderful to work with!

    ***I was a tenant for about 8 months and had a pleasant experience. Penny delivered out standing customer service. She was always pleasant and accommodating. The new staff person was also courteous. I would definitely recommend this place to friends and family.

    Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.


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      ***This facility is very well run. ***** does an amazing job of managing this business. I came in to ask questions and left with the comfort of knowing my property would be safe and the support staff would be there to help any way they could. I strongly recommend this facility.***

      I have more but that was my favorite as he left with that "comfort" And because he was such a hard sell! Made me feel good when he left the amazing review.


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        MamaDuke is the best! Accommodating and also super helpful made this process super easy for me! Also had a problem lost my debit card, she went and looked at the cameras to help me! Above and beyond service thanks MamaDuke!

        This is the second time using ***** Storage. Mainly because I used them last year, and remembered how convenient, courteous and helpful everyone was. MamaDuke was a great help, even with the limited face to face contact during this pandemic. I highly recommend them.

        I also have many more. That's because we go out of our way to make it an easy and pleasant experience for everyone. Customer service is the top priority here!


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          Just a few of my favorite ones..

          Lou was a dream! She saved me financially and emotionally. I was led here by the grace of God, I am eternally grateful for her experience and assistance.

          I have a storage unit at ##. I went there yesterday to pick up some documents. I picked up documents and thought that I put them in my car. I got home and realized that I didn't have them. I couldn't imagine what I had done with the documents. Very shortly after getting home I got a call from the staff at ## storage who told me that I had actually left the documents outside. They had retrieved the documents and held them until the next day when I was able to pick them up. I am very appreciative for the care attention to detail and the reminder call to me. The documents are very important and I would be in great distress if I had lost them. Thanks to the kind work of the staff at ## storage.

          I cannot find enough words to say how pleased i am with the staff here. I only had my unit 2 months and my experience was suburb. Not to mention the prices! Lou does an amazing job running this store and everyone who works here. Great customer service and safety control. I highly recommend this place for anyone needing to store items regardless of what or how many. They have every size unit to meet your needs and they will take care of you better than you would even expect.

          My husband and I have stored items at this location since 2005. The location has been convenient, safe and clean. The changes to our storage needs have always been handled in the most professional and courteous manner. Especially when Vicky and Lou started working there. As we have made changes for storage space or rented a truck, they have asked the appropriate questions to assess our particular situation to recommend what is most cost effective. Unbeknown to Vicky & Lou; our situations at times, have been sensitive in nature such as a daughter fleeing from an unsafe living environment and needing to temporarily store her items to us having to split as a family so I could move to McAllen, Texas & provide care to my aging parents. Our related storage needs; that were often at a last minute notice, were always handled in the most courteous and efficient manner by Vicky and Lou. One could almost feel they "knew" our situation (but didn't) because they made the move and storage process go problems. Their style and manner is genuine and caring. They truly make us feel supported. JUST LIKE FAMILY!

          This one from a tenant that we lost a couple of years ago. She is truly missed.
          Vicki and Lou are very professional and customer oriented. They go the extra mile. I love to come in and see their smiling faces. I would recommend them to my friends and coworkers.


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