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Keeping Complaints Off Social Media

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  • Keeping Complaints Off Social Media

    When someone is unhappy with your business for any reason, they shout it out to the world. Whether it's a post on Facebook, a tweet or a video, these rants could damage your rep. Check out this article from industry attorney Scott Zucker on how to minimize the damage ... legally.

    What do you do when you spot a negative comment about your business (or yourself) on social media?
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage
    [email protected]


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    I always respond to negative reviews in as positive a manner as possible. I do try to call out Google's so-called Local Guides, who are not tenants, just people trying to score Google points by reviewing as many businesses as possible.
    My favorite negative review was a 2-star from a guy here in town who was not a tenant, but seemed to just like posting bad reviews of local businesses. My positive response to his review led to him changing the a 1-star review! So much for taking the high road...


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      Depends on the platform, what exactly they write, if it's just a star review, how many reviews you have, and what your overall rating is and how you look cross platform. Studies show that a 5 star rating is actually less trusted by consumers than a 4.2 to 4.5 rating. People don't trust perfect. Respond and bury them in good reviews is generally the best tactic. Which would you pick? someone with a 4.3 rating and 100 reviews or someone with 5 stars and 17 reviews? Reviews that are just stars with no feedback or reviews with feedback? for refrence


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        You should always respond to all reviews. When it’s a bad one, you can always say something to the effect of “we are so sorry this has happened to you. Please contact the owner at XXX-XXX-XXXX”. Just look proactive. If the individual was never a tenant, say so..


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          Since you cant get any lower than a one-star review, you are already at the bottom. Like curlymom says above, just apologize and offer to talk to them.
          Then solicit a bunch of new reviews from current and new tenants. Bury that one-star down the list.


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