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    Has anyone tried to become a Amazon Locker Pickup location, to increase traffic to the facility?

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    I looked into it, you make zero $$ on this, but it brings a lot of people to your storage facility, but we were afraid of the unwanted traffic, and again you make zero $$. I guess if you need more traffic to your facility. We decided against it.


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      I looked into it too. Wasn't worth it to us and I don't like the idea of people hanging around waiting for a package or leaving a mess for $0. Plus looks bad security wise and there will always be that person who comes at weird hours.

      But post office boxes are a good alternative. There also a few companies you can partner with like PostScan who will do the advertising and billing for you and people will sign up for virtual mailboxes. You collect and scan their mail. It's been a bit hit or miss but has a lot more potential.


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        We have one in our office-so people NEED to come during office hours. Honestly, I wish it was outside, but whatever. We do see SOME traffic, but not enough, I think, to justify it.
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          I was going to look into this for a different business, but if it pays -0-,

          no thank you.


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            We have one. You get paid nothing, but are responsible for providing power. If anything goes wrong, customers will call and blame you.
            You get paid ZERO. You have ZERO access. You have ZERO control. You get 100% of the blame.

            I can understand using it earlier on to pull in traffic. The problem is that once the community gets used to it, you become a villain for removing it.

            If you choose to install one, do it for the local community, not for traffic. It's not worth it for generating traffic IMO, but it's a useful service for the local community.


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