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    If you're not managing your online business listings, there could be erroneous info about your facility. How do you keep it current across all the places where you're listed? Read this article for advice.

    What's your system for keeping this info correct?
    Amy Campbell
    Inside Self-Storage
    [email protected]


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    The best advice is to create a spreadsheet subdivided into categories like online directories, forums, blogs, and social media. I started small but now have a growing list; I generally give myself one day in the month dedicated to updating and keeping everything on point.

    A significant factor was ensuring that our Google Business Profile was always maintained.

    So initially, I listed with big directories like Yelp ( and then regional-based ones like Localist ( And then made sure I was on forums like Reddit ( and Quora (

    It's hard work, but I've seen the difference it makes online.


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      I handle our Google Business Profile and have a marketing firm monitor everything else. I haven't thought about all the other online listings in a couple of years, so maybe I'll check on this. Thanks!


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        StorageSam - the more work you put in to start organizing, the easier it is down the road, at least from my experience. Remember map listings like Bing, Waze, and Apple Maps.

        helenatim- Any free listing is a listing you should have, even if you only update it once a year.


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          Meauxhala - thanks for that - I will add it to my running list!


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