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    I am in the process of getting all my suppliers lined up and doing lots of research between different companies. Made my decisions on software and access, however, finding building supplier reviews is difficult. I have quotes from multiple suppliers from Regency (mini storage outlet), heritage, and mako. Heritage and Regency are very similar in price but cant decide which one i would have least trouble with. I am sure the build quality and material will be close to identical.

    Any input on these two suppliers would be great.

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    Ask your prospective suppliers for some locations near you and go see the product in person. This is a good way to understand what you are getting.


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      Ya i wasn't too concerned on product quality as much as dealing with companies and ease of delivery and payment. Is one company prepared for errors and can fix issues quickly or does it take weeks to send a missing piece. Thing of that nature.


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        dirtymax, who did you end up going with? I just got a quote from Regency and their price is pretty good. Got a quote from Mako and it was much higher. I'm waiting for Trachte and Miller to get their quote back to me. I ruled Heritage out because they don't do the installation, or recommend anyone that will. I would like to have a crew that is familiar with the buildings and does them all the time.


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          Look into Rapid Building Solutions here in Florida. They build an A+ building. They do national and international building
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